3 Really Inspirational Moms With Interesting Careers

Life is all about inspirational stories and there are countless working moms who are leading the way in their chosen careers.

From a professional poker player to a tech entrepreneur, these are three ladies with kids to give inspiration to women everywhere.

Jennifer Harman: Professional poker player

Jennifer Harman is a mom of two twin boys, but that’s not what the wider world knows her for – she’s a poker pro with over $2.7 million (USD) in career winnings and two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets to her name.


Harman’s background in poker is long and hugely successful – she’s played the game competitively since she was 16 and is ranked number 12 in the all-time money list for female players.


But she’s also had to overcome the adversity of two kidney transplants, which you can view here in a superb piece on her rise to being one of the leading poker players on the planet.

Sanna Marin: Head of government

Once upon a time, heads of government were old men with grown-up kids. But that’s not how things are done in Finland, where Sanna Marin became the world’s youngest state leader aged 34 and as the mother of a young daughter.


Prior to becoming the leader of her country, Marin earned a Master of Administrative Sciences from the University of Tampere. She was elected to City Council of Tampere in 2012, aged just 27, and became an MP just three years later.


Marin experienced hardship during her own childhood – her father battled with alcoholism, her parents experienced financial issues, and ultimately her mother and father separated.

Julia Hartz: Tech entrepreneur

Julia Hartz may not be a name you know, but there’s a fair chance you know the fruits of her labor – Hartz is the co-founder and C.E.O. of Eventbrite, one of the world’s leading event-management platforms, as well as being the mother of two daughters.


Hartz’s background wasn’t in tech – she studied communication and broadcast journalism at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, before then working for FX and MTV – Jackass and Nip/Tuck being two of the shows she worked on.


Hartz created Eventbrite in 2006 with her husband Kevin (Hartz) Renaud Visage and has seen the company grow and grow – it’s now worth over $2 billion (USD) and has a revenue of more than $290 million (USD).


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It’s 2020 and we shouldn’t have to make the point that women can have both children and a career – it’s literally never been a point that working dads have had to make.


But until gender bias and stereotypes change (and they will) it’s inspirational to see moms like Jennifer Harman, Sanna Marin, and Julia Hartz not only having careers, but being at the peak of their professions