By: Himanshu Poswalindia

India is one of the sensitive countries in different terms. Thanks to the diversity, different regions have a different set of things you must avoid! But above all, there are a few general things which must be avoided in India regardless of the region you are in!

What are they? Let me introduce you to a few.


1) Do not wear skin revealing clothes in religious places

We are a secular country and quite religion sensitive. It is a point of sentiments of the people and hence you should never wear any skin revealing clothes being to a temple, mosque and gurudwara. At few places, they will give you a cloth piece to cover yourself (Jama Masjid in Delhi has this facility) but at many others, you will be denied entry. A jeans and shirt will do for both male and female or you can try any of the Indian traditional clothes.


2) Public kisses are a big no!

Public kisses in India is nothing less than a moral suicide. You may face some serious cold stares from the public. It is not wrong or illegal but it is just considered unethical in the Indian society.


3) Have you an opinion on religion? Good. Keep it to yourself!

As I mentioned it earlier about the sentiments of different religions, half of the tensions are because of the negative comments and wrong timing. It is perfectly okay for you to have an opinion about but if it hurts the sentiments of the native followers, you are in trouble. Do not be casual in your approach, appreciate all the religions and respect all the differences for that is what our constitution says.


4) Political differences are no different from religious sentiments

The number of the political parties and their followers are something you would not like to waste time counting. Why? Simply because the number is so high! Our political system is way different and few leaders are treated equivalently to god. Better be safe and avoid inviting any trouble.


5) People are friendly but excess of everything is bad

The idea is, you can be a little friendly with people in terms of seeking help and asking for the roads/ways but do not be involved with them in person. A few elements in the society are there who may end up robbing you. That does not mean it is a house of goons or robbers but hey! A few of such people are present in every country.


Summing up, India is really a great place to be at! You just need to be a little cautious and you will be painting another wall of beautiful memories.