6 Ways for Mom’s to exemplify Self Defense. Protect you and your family!


6 Ways for moms to to exemplify Self Defense- Protect you and your family in potential shady situations…

You have always been taught to avoid dark alleys, strangers and uncomfortable situations, but learning to protect yourself and your kids should be top on your list. Here are 6 ways to help arm you for unpredicted situations…

1.Stay off of your phone- Being glued to your phone signals you as a potential target that you are not alert. Not being on your phone will make you more alert, more responsive, and able to key into situational cues that are not normal.

2.Lock your doors- The first thing you should do when getting in your car or entering our house is lock the door behind you. So many people get busy and caught up with the rat race of life and forget the simple things.

3.Never be afraid to scream or call for help- As silly as it sounds, if you are in a situation where you are threatened “CALL” for help. Raising your voice and letting people know you are in trouble is the number one way to bring attention to your situation. Also, never hesitate to call your local enforcement agency. They are there to provide support for the community and make you feel comfortable.

4.If you think you are being followed- DO NOT GO HOME. Instead go to a public place like a restaurant or store and alert the manager. Let them know your concerns that way someone knows you are at risk or at potential danger.

5.Always be aware of your surroundings- Always watch your back. Know where you are and what you are subjecting yourself and your kids to.

6.Never be afraid to ask for help- Whenever in doubt reach out to someone! Being vocal and communicating will get you further than you think.

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