Show and tell is such a fun event in classrooms. Children love seeing and learning about different things and bringing in their own experiences and items. Sometimes, teachers assign a letter of the alphabet for each child. They are to find a show and tell item to match their corresponding letter. For the letter F, we have inspirational ideas with descriptions to help you find the perfect show and tell item.

Letter F Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas that start with the letter “F,” along with brief descriptions for each:

Family Photo Album:

Share pictures of your family and explain their significance.

Favorite Book:

Bring your favorite book and discuss why you love it.


Show a fossil you found or have, and talk about the history behind it.

Fruit Basket:

Display a variety of fruits and discuss their flavors and nutritional benefits.


Share a flag from a different country and discuss its symbolism.

Flower Arrangement:

Create a beautiful flower arrangement and explain the different types of flowers in it.


Bring a football and talk about your favorite team or players.

Friendship Bracelet:

Show a friendship bracelet and talk about the friends who made or gave it to you.

Feather Collection:

Share a collection of feathers from different birds and discuss their unique features.

Fairy Tale:

Share your favorite fairy tale and explain its moral or lesson.

Fish Tank:

Display your pet fish and talk about their species and care.

Food Recipe:

Bring a dish you cooked or a family recipe and discuss how it’s made.

Fire Truck Toy:

Share a fire truck toy and discuss the importance of firefighters.

Famous Person:

Talk about a famous historical figure whose name starts with “F.”


Create a small fort or hideout and explain its design and purpose.

Famous Painting:

Show a print of a famous painting and discuss the artist’s style.


Share a collection of different fossils and explain what they are.

Fruit Art:

Create art using cut fruits and discuss your creative process.


Show and tell about your favorite pair of flip-flops and when you wear them.

Flags from Different Countries:

Display flags from various countries and share interesting facts about them.


Talk about the game of frisbee and demonstrate a few throws.

Favorite Movie:

Share a DVD or poster of your favorite movie and explain why you like it.

Feathered Friends:

Bring in your pet bird and discuss its breed and care.

Fictional Character:

Talk about a fictional character from a book or movie that you admire.

Fruit Smoothie:

Make a fruit smoothie and discuss the ingredients and health benefits.

Folk Music:

Play a folk song on a musical instrument and discuss its cultural significance.


Display a finger painting you created and describe the process.

Fire Safety Poster:

Share a poster about fire safety and discuss its importance.

Favorite Toy:

Show your favorite toy and explain why it’s special to you.

First Aid Kit:

Display a basic first aid kit and discuss its contents and uses.

Football Jersey:

Wear a football jersey and talk about your favorite team.

Famous Landmark:

Share a picture or model of a famous landmark and discuss its history.

Fruit Tree:

Bring in a small fruit tree and discuss how it grows and produces fruit.

Family Tree:

Create a family tree diagram and talk about your relatives.

Fingerprint Art:

Create art using your fingerprints and explain your design.

Felt Craft:

Display a craft made from felt and describe the project.


Show a picture or video of fireworks and discuss when and where you saw them.

Fitness Equipment:

Bring in a piece of fitness equipment and talk about staying healthy.

Foreign Currency:

Share different foreign currencies and discuss exchange rates.

Favorite Animal:

Talk about your favorite animal and why you love it.

Fairy Garden:

Create a mini fairy garden and explain the elements in it.

Fishing Gear:

Display fishing gear and discuss your fishing experiences.

Famous Quote:

Share a famous quote and discuss its meaning.

Fruit Snacks:

Bring a healthy fruit snack and discuss its taste and benefits.

Fossilized Shark Tooth:

Show a fossilized shark tooth and talk about prehistoric sea creatures.

Fashion Magazine:

Share a fashion magazine and discuss the latest trends.

Famous Invention:

Talk about a famous invention that changed the world.


Explain how a fireplace works and its historical significance.

Folk Dance:

Perform a traditional folk dance and explain its cultural significance.

Food Pyramid:

Share a food pyramid chart and discuss a balanced diet.

Fluorescent Minerals:

Display fluorescent minerals under UV light and explain their properties.

Famous Author:

Discuss a famous author and their most popular book.

Family Heirloom:

Share a family heirloom and explain its history.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle:

Show a fruit infuser water bottle and discuss the benefits of infused water.

Fossil Dig Kit:

Display a fossil dig kit and talk about paleontology.

Favorite Board Game:

Bring your favorite board game and explain how to play it.

Framed Artwork:

Share a framed artwork you created or admire and discuss its meaning.

Fairy Tale Costume:

Dress up as a character from a fairy tale and tell the story.

Favorite Food Dish:

Share your favorite homemade dish and talk about its preparation.

Famous Musician:

Discuss a famous musician and their impact on music.

Family Traditions:

Share a family tradition and explain its significance.

Fruit Tasting:

Bring a variety of fruits for a tasting session and discuss their flavors.

Famous Explorer:

Talk about a famous explorer and their expeditions.

Fishing Lures:

Display different fishing lures and discuss their uses.

Fingerprint Science:

Explain the science of fingerprints and their uniqueness.

Flag Puzzles:

Show flag puzzles and explain how they help in learning geography.

Favorite Cartoon Character:

Talk about your favorite cartoon character and their adventures.

Famous Speech:

Recite or share a famous speech and discuss its impact.

Fossil Replica:

Display a replica of a famous fossil and discuss its discovery.

Fruit Salad:

Make a fruit salad and talk about the ingredients and nutrition.

Flower Press:

Show a flower press and explain how it’s used to preserve flowers.

Famous Art Style:

Discuss a famous art style like impressionism or cubism.

Fruit Carving:

Create a fruit carving and discuss the art of fruit decoration.

Famous Scientist:

Talk about a famous scientist and their contributions to science.

Fossilized Insects:

Share fossils of prehistoric insects and discuss their evolution.

Football Helmet:

Display a football helmet and discuss player safety.

Fairy Tale Puppet Show:

Perform a puppet show based on a fairy tale.

Favorite App:

Share your favorite mobile app and explain its features.

Famous Invention Model:

Create a model of a famous invention and explain how it works.

Fossil Collection Kit:

Show a kit for collecting fossils and discuss fieldwork.

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream:

Bring your favorite ice cream flavor and discuss why you love it.

Famous Ballet:

Discuss a famous ballet and its storyline.

Fruit-themed Craft:

Create a craft project using fruit themes and explain your process.

Famous Landmark Model:

Build a model of a famous landmark and talk about its history.

Fire Extinguisher:

Explain how a fire extinguisher works and its importance for safety.

These show and tell ideas starting with the letter “F” cover a wide range of topics and can be adapted to suit different age groups and interests.