The name Adrith has a beautiful meaning and is slowly gaining in popularity across the world. This boy’s name has a rich history and is becoming a beloved name of families all over the world. Let’s dive into Adrith, its name, meaning, origin, nicknames and so much more that makes this name a great one for babies.

Name Meaning Origin of Adrith

Adrith is a boy’s name that means “beloved.” This name comes from India, specifically, from the Telugu language. This language is is most popular South India, particularly the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions.

Adrith Name Popularity

The name Adrith is not very popular and is not in the top Indian boy names as of today. However, it is slowly rising as a popular boy name for babies. Having a name that is not popular makes you unique and easy to remember. This can be a powerful name for parents so their little one gets noticed.

In India, we see babies born every year with this name. However, in places like the United States, there have not even been ten children born a year with this name. In the West, your child’s name will be truly unique and remembered.

Nickname ideas for Adrith

Nicknames are not just cute and short names for your little one, but they are also names that are terms of endearment. They are given to children by their parents, siblings, extended family members and close friends. People who will use your nickname can be family, friends, yourself and even members in your community.

Nicknames are sometimes based on your skillset, like “jet” for a child who can run very fast or “smarty” for a student who excels in school. A nickname should never be something of offense. Interestingly, nicknames can last anywhere as short as a week, to months or even years! We see Queen Elizabeth have the name Lilibet for an entire lifetime! What started as a nickname to from her parents, gradually extended to her husband, Prince Phillip and eventually her grandson and granddaughter in law named their second born child the nickname of Lilibet. This is a great example of a nickname that has lasted a lifetime!

If you are not giving a nickname based on attributes, then consider making a play on the child’s name! Generally, nicknames based on a child’s name are to make the name short and sweet, or to make it sound even more adorable. Here are some great nickname ideas for Adrith!

Andy- A short and sweet nickname for Adrith.

Dri- A short nickname that is memorable for this name,

Ithy- A fun and short nickname for Adrith

Add- A smart nickname for Adrith.

These are just a few of the many great nicknames that you can come up with for Adrith.

Middle names for Adrith

A middle name always has the hardest job. It has to link the first and last name of a person, sound great and make everything flow. Choosing a middle name can be harder than choosing a first name for a child!

A middle name can be a name that has the same meaning as the first name. For example, Adrith means beloved and therefore you can pick a middle name with the same type of meaning. You can also choose a middle name to honor a parent, grandparent or loved one. Giving a namesake to your child can begin a bond if that person is living, or keep the eternal flame of someone remembered if they have passed on. Middle names are powerful!

You can do something as easy as using a baby name generator to pull up potential middle names and narrowing them down from a list.

Lastly, you can choose middle names that flow well. Here are a few great middle names for Adrith that we love.





















These are just few of many beautiful middle names for Adrith.

Sibling Names that Pair With Adrith

Adrith is a beautiful name but there may come a time where there are siblings for him! We have found some adorable sibling paring names that you are going to love.

Girl names

Here are some girl pairing names for Adrith that we love.

Aakshi and Adrith

Aadhira and Adrith

Aakaar and Adrith

Alka and Adrith

Ameena and Adrith

Bhagwati and Adrith

Biju and Adrith

Chiranjeev and Adrith

Jagath and Adrith

Samath and Adrith

Thevan and Adrith

These are just a few of the many beautiful baby girl names that can pair well with Adrith.

Boy names That Pair With Adrith

Brothers make bonds that will last forever. Here are some great sibling boy names that pair well with Adrith.

Aatreya and Adrith

Balan and Adrith

Chandresh and Adrith

Elango and Adrith

Jivathran and Adrith

Matanga and Adrith

Nikith and Adrith

Ulagan and Adrith

Similarly, you can use some of our middle name suggestions as possible sibling name pairings for Adrith.

Celebrities and Notable People With the Name Adrith

Since Adrith is a unique and fantastic name, there are not many celebrities that have this name. Keep checking with us as we continue to update this post. Alternatively, if you chose the name Adrith, your little one may be the next famous Adrith that is out there.

Alternative spellings for Adrith

Generally, there are no known alternative spellings for Adrith, however, you can invent a spelling that will work best for your family. Here are some options.





These are a couple of alternative ways to spell the name.

Similar Names to The Name Adrith

Adrith is a great name and you know its close to what you are looking for but not quite. Here are some similar names to the name Adrith.



These are a few of some of the great similar names to the name Adrith.

Adrith Meaning

The name Adrith is unique and a great Indian boy name. It has a wonderful meaning and can become a popular name as it slowly rises. Consider naming your little one Ardith.