Bible Verses For Pregnancy

For Christian Mothers and Moms to be, pregnancy is an amazing experience. It does not come without some doubts, fears and learning experiences. We have created a list of Bible verses for each month of your pregnancy to pray about and during birth. Through faith, study and the Word, we wish you a safe and happy pregnancy.

Bible Verses For the 1st Trimester

Month 1

You have discovered that you are pregnant! You may be waiting to tell your extended family the great news and you have just begun your appointments to check on baby. There can be some fears associated with pregnancy too. You want the baby to be healthy and safe. Plus you may be experiencing morning sickness (it should be called all day sickness) and have some changes that may surprise you!

This month is about trusting the pregnancy process and focusing on your relationship with God. We reflect on Philippians 4:6-8.

First Month Bible Verse To Pray On


Month 2

Okay, you have this pregnancy thing on track… wait, you don’t. You are excited about your baby coming but you are going through more body changes and it really hits you. You may be continuing on with your regular life or you may be feeling very sick. Morning sickness is definitely not just in the morning! However, you know this will eventually end and the end result will be wonderful. You have a baby coming into your family. There are things to buy for baby. You have so much love to give but this process is long.

Month 2 is about getting confident in your own skin, as you are going to experience a lot of changes! Use this Bible quote to put your fears to rest and get ready to become a parent. You’ve got this!

First Month Bible Verse To Pray On

Month 3

Many women tell their friends and family that they are pregnant in their third month of pregnancy. You can do this at anytime you like but many women prefer to wait for this time. Now, you are used to the whole pregnancy idea and hopefully you are feeling better from Morning Sickness. Many families will want to celebrate the new baby coming in their family. In lieu of telling your friends and family about this special little person coming in just six months time, we ask you to reflect on Peter 1:8-9

3rd Month Bible Verse To Pray On

2nd Trimester

Month 4

You may have noticed that some of your energy is coming back and life gets a bit more normal! You may noticed that you are sporting a cute baby bump as well! Some women start to feel a slight flutter or flitter. If your baby starting to move?

This beautiful moment reminds us of Luke 1:41-44 when Elizabeth and Mary are both pregnant and Elizabeth’s baby leapt in her womb.

The 5th month of pregnancy Bible verse reflection

Month 5

If you have chosen to find out the biological gender of your child, now is the time! What is most important is that this baby has a loving community for them to grow up into. Galatians 3:26-29 is where we are reflecting this month.

The 5th month of pregnancy Bible Verse To Reflect On

Month 6

Only three more months to go! You are probably visibly pregnant at this point and you may be modifying some of the regular routines in your life because of your changing body. You are about to enter your third trimester and things start rolling! Don’t let anxiousness get the best of you. James 1:17 is really calming.

The 6th month of pregnancy Bible verse reflection

3rd Trimester

Month 7

Welcome to your third and final trimester! Perhaps your loved ones have taken the time to throw you a baby shower. You may be making small modifications to your life and you may be visiting the doctor more often. This month, we bring you to the first book of the old Testament, Genesis! This reflection makes us feel warm about all of our good family and friends.

7th month pregnancy bible verses


Month 8

You are almost done! Are you working or staying at home? You may be almost completely prepared for your baby coming and you might feel a nesting phase to get things ready for baby. This month, we are reflecting on organization and planning. Remember to relax and stay focused. Everything will all come together in time.  We have two quotes to be prayerful on this month:

8th month pregnancy Bible verses reflection


Month 9

This is the month your family will feel full, your life may be a bit more complete and you become a parent for the first time or again. You have aches and pains and even some Braxton Hicks. It’s time to take your time and be prayerful about the huge life changing event that is about to become.


9th month pregnancy Bible Verses to reflect on!


It is time to meet your precious baby! In the early stages of labor, reflect on this passage from Joshua.


May you have a safe, healthy and prayerful 9 months and a safe labor. Most of all, congratulations on your journey to have a baby! We hope you enjoyed the Bible verses for each month of your pregnancy. Put your favorite inspirational verse below: