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Our blogger of the week is the lovely Lucy, a British Mother of two toddlers. After moving to Australia, Lucy has been blogging for three months and is already getting some great feedback.
We know a good parenting blog when we see one and Lucy’s raw honesty shines through. We think every parent who is thinking of expanding their family could relate to this post. We related completely to her post about the wife and Mother she thought she would be. It’s a powerful article. We also learn what it was like for her to live in Australia and England. Then there was this  post was really got into our heart, which teaches us to try to not judge Mothers so harshly.
Lucy is a wonderful Mom who treats her readers like they are in her friends circles. She is a newer blogger but we think 2016 will be a big year for her and we think you should start reading now so you can enjoy her journey as much as we do.
If you are a parent who has moved countries, if you are a Mom looking for someone who tells it like it is, or just looking for following someone’s life lessons and journey, this is a website you want to put in your blog roll.

About Me:
Beginner blogging British mum of 2 brilliantly bonkers toddlers. Wife of footy/soccer mad Mancunian. We swapped Greg’s pasties and rain for sunshine and snags, moving to Australia 4 years ago.

I started blogging about 3 months ago. Since then, I have had over 3000 views on my website and been overwhelmed by the feedback I have received regarding my writing style. I try to write honestly, openly and with humour wherever possible.

Writing has become a new passion for me and I’m loving the experience of sharing my stories with others. I’d love to continue to expand my audience and intend to keep writing whenever I find a spare 5 minutes in-between nappy changes, kindy runs and tantrums.