Blowing Kisses



By: Melanie Braga

Twitter: @melmbraga

Story time a couple of nights ago was a little extra special as we had a new book to read called, Blowing Kisses. This book is written by Jaime Windle and illustrated by Elisa Moriconi.

Blowing Kisses is an adorable children’s book that takes us on a kiss journey. The adventure first starts by making a kiss and not just any kiss but one with a special wish. The next part is deciding on who gets this special kiss and then off the kiss goes. After traveling it lands on mom who is greatly touched by the kiss and special wish that warms her heart. To end the journey, mom sends one back.

Nikki and I give this book five kisses out of five. The story flows really well and it is an easy read. The illustrations articulate the story beautifully with the colourful pictures and characters.


Reading the journey of the kiss gave us the opportunity to do the actions of blowing a kiss which made it a lot of fun for us especially since this one of our favourite things to do.

The message that we got from this story is that a kiss to someone special comes with a wish that imprints the person you send it to. This is a great message for children as it teaches them that a piece of them will always be with their mom for example and vice versa. Who wouldn’t want to have a kiss with a special wish?! We know we do!

Since bringing this book into our night time line up, it has become Nikki’s top three books, as this is the number of books she brings me to read. The best part is that it’s one of my top books as well as I get to do what a lot of moms like to do when we say ‘Good-Night’ and that is seal it with a kiss.

Looking forward to any upcoming books from Jaime Windle and if you are still looking for a great gift idea, consider this book as it would make a great holiday gift.

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– Momma Braga