Scribble and Grin Brings Great Poetry To Your Kids

Parents everywhere are on the constant look out for books that not only have good morals and values but can also hold the attention of their child. Finding a good children’s poetry book can be hard! But when we were introduced to Scribble and Grin, we were hooked!

However, we found Scribble and Grin, a series of fun and hilarious poems, with great morals and values a hidden gem that will not only teach your children but have good morals and values.Authors Mary and Paul and their adorable rescue dog, Ruby.

Written by Mary Giuffre & Paul L. Clark, these talented authors share over 30 years in television and film. The book was illustrated by the talented Troy Sullivan, who worked on Tiny Toons and Darkwing Duck. Together, this book is a tapestry of giggles, laughs and life lessons and will entertain boys and girls a like.

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Where to buy Scribble and Grin

Scribbles and Grin is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository.  The website itself has some fun colouring pages for your children that you can just print out.

Our favorite poems were Growing Forward which is just a simple reminder of life for children and adults alike. We also enjoyed Taming The Bully because it is a reminder of how to let bullies attitudes roll off of your back as much as you can. We also liked how Scribble and Grin’s catchy rhymes will just inspire children to want to read more and increase their vocabulary.


We encourage you to visit the Scribble and Grin website and order this book for your children! Check out this video showing how children interact with the book:

Scribble and Grin: Kids Book Trailer