Each year, we will choose a city somewhere around the world that is perfect for a family vacation! From weekend getaways to a full on trip abroad, we will give you all of the trendiest spots, kid friendly places, best restaurants and hidden gems of the city, helping you plan your perfect vacation.

We look for a city that is safe for families, full of education, culture and most of all, fun for families of all ages! We also want to make sure this city is perfect for a ‘date night for you and your partner. This year, it was easy to choose Toronto, Canada as our City of the Year!

With the help of Tourism Toronto, we want to ring in Canada’s 150th anniversary right by showing you all that Toronto has to offer, all year around. Whether you are a local looking for a hidden gem to visitors who are excited to go on a trip abroad, we will get you excited about everything in Toronto.

This beautiful city is multicultural, full of delicious restaurants, fun places for families and always has something going on!

Along with our Blogger of The Year, Momma Braga, we will explore this fun city and all it has to offer. Keep checking us all year for reasons why you and your family should visit Toronto this year!