Flipp App Review
By: Karen Del Ben
A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick

This app is a couponers dream!


Every week I go through the grocery flyers and circle what I am planning to get and take that flyer to the store. That is if my flyers are actually delivered that week. Most of the time I am shopping with a very active three year-old that doesn’t give me much time to organize myself while I’m shopping. This app allows me to surf through my favorite store flyers at any time and “clip” the items I want to purchase into my shopping list.

Once I arrive at the cash register, I simply show the cashiers my clipped items from the mobile flyers benefit easily from a price match at any store.


I have always been over cautious about using mobile apps for couponing and price matching but found this app to be very usual and easy to use. Another great feature is that I no longer need the printed newsprint copy which saves the environment. It’s less to carry with me and less to organize.
If you are like me and only look at the newspapers for the grocery flyers, perhaps It’s time to ditch the newspaper and stick to using flyers on Flipp


You won’t be disappointed at the amount time and money you will be saving!

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