Our Cute Baby of The Week is Alexia!

Our cute baby of the week is the week is Alexia!  Adorable Alexia brings joy to everyone around her! It is also her 1st birthday! Happy birthday Alexia, from all of us at The Baby Spot, may you have a wonderful day and a great year! Will your baby be our next baby of the week? Just answer these questions and send it to us for consideration!

 What is Your Baby’s Name?

1- My daughter’s name is Alexia. How did we pick her name ? It is s pretty simple actually! My husband and I had a boy and girl named before we new the gender . I was in my car and on the radio I heard the name “Alexa.” My face brightened up and I absolutely LOVED IT. I y called my husband right away and said ‘What do you think about the name, “Alexa or “Alexia”‘. He loved the name as well!! It was that simple! We agreed on a name which was amazing, lol.

How Old Is Your Baby?

2- Miss. Alexia is 11.5 months old. She will be ONE years old in a couple days on April 29th!! Totally bittersweet!!

What is your Birth Story?

3- Well, that day my water broke. My husband was going to go to work ( on a Saturday) and I had planned a hike with a friend. My husband was taking his time to go into work that day. Right when he left, I got up from my bed and that’s when my water broke. I called my husband right away crying! Luckily he was 2 mins away ( everything happens for a reason ) andthat was at 7:30AM.

We got to the hospital and I got epidural. Thank goodness! Contractions are KILLER!  I had time for a quick nap before I had to push.
Pushing took a very long time. . My pelvic bone sticks out a lot so Alexia was going back and forth because of it . I almost had a c-section but luckily didn’t have too. After 2 hours of pushing, a doctor came in and asked if I needed help and I yelled with cheery YESSSSSSSSS.
She put a suction cup on Alexia’s head and told me to push with all of my whole might. By the way, the epidural was turned off at this time so I FELT EVERYTHING lol!!!
After a couple of pushes a beautiful 10pound 4ounce of cuteness came into this world Miss Alexia 🤗

What is Your Baby’s Personality Like?

Alexia personality is a joy to be around!!!
She knows what she wants and makes sure everyone knows it!!! Shes learning how to walk now which is such a exciting milestone!!!!
She loves her teddy bears and gives them lots of hugs and kisses about 10times a day lol
Shes has the highest pitched scream you’ll ever hear but it’s so cute you want her to do it more! Haha
Shes not very gentle . She may smack your face but her laugh makes it all worth it Haha
She loves kids …at any age!! Shes honestly a blessing and has the sweetest smile! ALEXIA ROCKS!!

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