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Droppa is the app that keeps families together! No more missing that big dance recital or double booking. When you sign up for Droppa, you can organize your schedule, invite friends and family to events and be invited! Skip the email and go directly to this app.


Droppa is a family and friends social scheduler/dairy app. Say good-bye to email! As Droppa works on push notifications and NOT EMAIL it gives all your contacts access to your diary and you access to theirs. Privacy is key at Droppa. You cannot see each other’s diaries but Droppa enables you to “drop” (hence the name) events, initiations and appointments etc. into each other’s Droppa. The recipient of a drop is alerted by push notification that they have a new drop. They open Droppa and the new drop is waiting to be actioned in the Drops View in the menu. Once actioned it will appear in the user’s schedule. Droppa also allows users to “Notify” other contacts of events just to inform them. It’s that simple!


To get Droppa for you and your family and friends,  visit via the App Store or Play Store.