Smart Screen Sanitizer- Are you interested in the In a busy world, our screens play an important role in our day to day lives for the entire family. Unfortunately, screens like your tablets, e readers, laptops, TVs, smart phones and touch screens are places that germs and bacteria grow. They can cause illness and get the whole family sick. Now, with Effeclean Smart Screen Sanitizer, we don’t have to worry about those pesky germs and bacteria.

Why Screens Get So Dirty

Parents are so busy. We are taking care of our children, working, cooking and cleaning day after day. We do not have time to test every product to make sure it is killing germs but is safe for our most precious commodities, like our children. Luckily, there is a product out there to clean our screens and keep us safe.

When your children are using screens for fun or for school, they get dirty quickly. Kids may bring a snack while they play their games or talk to their friends. They may not have washed their hands after eating or activities. They may go to school and are surrounded on the playground and in classrooms with other children, some of who can be sick. screens have a lot of germs on their hands and that spreads and can live on our screens. From our TVs to tablets, germs wait for the next surface to attach to and that includes your children. Screen surfaces are a great place to spread germs and bacteria. That is why regular screen cleaning is important.

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What Can Clean My Screens?

Finding a screen cleaner does not have to be so difficult! There are a few screen cleaners on the market. Many do not claim that they can get rid of smudges, germs and bacteria. The stronger screen cleaners are the ones that SMELL. Parents do not want harsh cleaners on their screens that can get on skin. Harsh cleaners can called hives or rashes for some children. Is it too much to ask for a SAFE screen cleaner that is effective and works with all screens?

Effeclean offers all of this and more. This brand is ready to take on those pesky germs and bacteria. The product does not have an odor, but what it does do is kill germs and bacteria. In fact, it can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You can rest assured your kids are safe while they are playing their games. In addition, cleaning only takes seconds!

Effeclean The Safe Smart Screen Sanitizer

Effeclean offers so many great options keeping families safe from germs and bacteria. It works with the following screens:


E Readers



Touch Screens

Smart Phones

That covers all of the screens in our house and we know that it covers all the screens in your house too. Each package includes a microfiber cloth so you get the best clean possible for every screen

How To Clean With Effeclean

Simply spray The Smart Screen Santizer onto your helpful microfiber cloth and clean your screen. In seconds, say good-bye to smudges, bacteria and germs. That’s all it takes! Your screen will now have a smudge free shine. Most of all, it is safe from those harmful bacteria and germs.

The Effeclean Smart Screen Sanitizer is compact, so you can take it to work or your children can take it with them to school. Include it on your family road trips! It fits easily into a purse and does not have an odor so you can just keep on using your devices with ease.

Why Effeclean Smart Screen Sanitizer

While we love Effeclean and its passion for keeping families safe with high quality eco responsible products, we are going to tell you all of the fantastic reasons why you should choose this smart screen sanitizer for your family.

It is safe on all types of smart screens and will kill germs- Many competitors only work on certain screens. However, Effeclean works on ALL screens. You don’t have to worry whether or not this smart screen sanitizer won’t work on one screen or another, it works on everything. period.

We love that Effeclean is inclusive and has all of its products in both French and English!

No Alcohol or Acidic based Product- Many cleaners use alcohol or Acidic based products. This can be harmful. We don’t have to worry about Effeclean. Its Smart Screen Sanitizer has no alcohol or acidic based product in the sanitizer.

VOC Free- This is a big one that parents hate. Thankfully, Effeclean is VOC free.

Petroleum Free

Phosphate Free

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free (SLS)

Sodium Laurel Ether Sulfate Free

Diethanolamine Free (DEA)

Triethanolamine Free (TEA)

Formaldehyde Free

Non Fuming

It is Non Toxic

Non Caustic

Non Corosive

Fragrance Free- This is great for people with sensitivities or allergies.

Last but not least, it is Non Flammable

Say goodbye to smudges on your screens as you say goodbye to harmful chemicals in your cleaners. Effeclean makes sure that you can clean your screens without sacrificing the right to not have chemicals. This breakthrough chemistry makes sure that the Effeclean formula separates the molecular bonds that dirt, dust and even air- born contaminants use to attach themselves to screen surfaces. You also don’t have to worry about static with an anti static barrier. Don’t forget, its safe on EVERY SMART SCREEN DEVICE,

This is Made in Canada so you are supporting a local business or if you are in the United States and North American business. Let’s also get excited because Effeclean is ready to give back to your schools!

Effeclean Innovative Product School Fundraiser

If you are a principal, a teacher, on a school board or just an involved parent, you want to raise money for your school and give them the best start possible. Effeclean has a number of school product fundraiser program! These fundraisers working with Effeclean allows Canadian and American schools the opportunity to discuss fundraising opportunities with Effeclean’s great products and getting money back into your children’s schools. If you have any questions or inquiries, be sure to contact Effeclean directly. This brand cares about families and loves school fundraisers. The product really sells itself.

Alternatively, if you are a School board who needs devices for your children clean, germ and bacteria free, you can call Effeclean directly to discuss your needs for your school board. Each school is responsible for their children’s safety and keeping devices clean that children use everyday can play a part in the big role of keeping kids healthy and safe.

Effeclean Is The Safe Screen Sanitizer

We are always on our devices. So are our children. They use it for school, communicating with friends and playing games. Screens on TVs, laptops, smart phones and more are known for harboring germs and bacteria on the screens. Many screens should be cleaned regularly but people just don’t know where there is a good and safe screen cleaner. Effeclean is your answer. The Effeclean Smart Screen Sanitizer is perfect for families. It is made with safe ingredients that are not harmful to your or your child’s skin. It is easy to use and a great way to keep your children safe and healthy so they can continue to learn and have fun.

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