February Due Date Annoucement Ideas – When you find out your baby’s due date, there is so much to plan! One of the first things you want to do is make an announcement! Once you have your due date, you can begin. Finding out your due date is February is exciting. Not only is it a beautiful month, but also it is the month of love. Here are some February due date announcement ideas that you will love.

due date announcement for february

February Due Date Announcement Ideas

Announcing a due date is such an exciting moment! Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Calendar Countdown: Snap a photo of a calendar marking the due date with little baby shoes or a pacifier. Caption it with something like, “Our little one is scheduled to arrive on [Due Date]! Let the countdown begin!”
  2. Movie Poster: Create a movie poster-style announcement with the due date as the release date and titles like “The Arrival” or “Our Next Adventure.”
  3. Bun in the Oven: Take a photo of an actual bun in the oven, with a note next to it saying something like, “There’s a bun in the oven and it’s due on [Due Date]!”
  4. Baby Bump Progression: If you’ve been sharing pregnancy updates, you could include the due date in one of these posts. For example, a photo of the baby bump with a caption like, “Week [X], and we’re counting down to [Due Date]!”
  5. Sibling Announcement: If there are older siblings, involve them in the announcement. You could have them hold up signs or wear t-shirts announcing the due date with a cute message like, “Get ready to share toys, I’m arriving on [Due Date]!”
  6. Baby Shoes: Arrange a pair of baby shoes next to a pair of adult shoes with a sign saying, “Our family is growing by two feet! Baby [Last Name] arriving on [Due Date]!”
  7. Ultrasound Announcement: Share an ultrasound photo with a caption like, “Can’t wait to meet our little one on [Due Date]!”
  8. Nature-Inspired Announcement: If you love the outdoors, consider a nature-themed announcement. For example, a photo of a pair of hiking boots next to tiny baby shoes. Have a sign that reads, “Our greatest adventure begins [Due Date]!”

Remember to personalize it to reflect your personalities and interests! Congratulations on this exciting journey!

Valentine’s Day Due Date Announcement Ideas

Combining the excitement of a due date announcement with the romantic vibe of Valentine’s Day can make for a heartwarming and memorable reveal. Here are some ideas tailored for that special occasion:

  1. Sweetheart Announcement: Create a Valentine’s Day card with a twist. On the front, have a cute illustration of a baby with the caption, “Coming Soon!”. Inside, reveal the due date along with a heartfelt message. For example, “Our love is growing, and we can’t wait to meet our little Valentine on [Due Date]!”
  2. Heartfelt Ultrasound: Share an ultrasound photo creatively framed with hearts or placed in a heart-shaped frame. Post it with a caption like, “This Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to share that our hearts will be even fuller come [Due Date]!”
  3. Candy Hearts: Arrange candy conversation hearts with messages like “Baby Love” or “Due [Due Date]” and take a photo to share on social media. Add a caption such as, “Our sweetest Valentine’s Day gift is on the way! Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date]!”
  4. Love Notes Announcement: Write out little love notes on heart-shaped paper, each one revealing a letter of the due date. Arrange them in a photo and capture the moment, saying, “We’re counting down the days until our little love arrives on [Due Date]!”‘

More Great Ideas For Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentine’s Day Date Night Reveal: Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or outing. Slip the due date reveal into the evening’s activities. It could be as simple as presenting a wrapped gift with the due date written inside or even spelling out the due date in rose petals.
  2. Family Heart Hands: Gather your family (or just you and your partner) and create a heart shape with your hands. Then, leave space in the center for a sign with the due date. Take a photo and share it with a caption like, “Our hearts are full this Valentine’s Day, and they’ll be even fuller when Baby [Last Name] arrives on [Due Date]!”
  3. Valentine’s Day Sonogram: If you have an ultrasound scheduled around Valentine’s Day, use it as the perfect opportunity for the announcement. Share the sonogram image with a caption such as, “The best Valentine’s Day gift ever: our little one due to arrive on [Due Date]!”

Whichever idea you choose, it’s sure to add an extra touch of love and excitement to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Congratulations on this special journey!

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February Due Date Announcement Ideas

Congratulations! Not only do you get to celebrate the birth of your little one but you also get to make a baby announcement for February! February is a month of love. You get to celebrate Valentine’s Day and can even make a great announcement. Let your friends and family know that your baby will be born in Feburary!