As parents, it can be tough deciding what baby food is best for your child. You want something both nutritious and delicious and a brand your baby will love. It can be so hard to choose! However, we can make it easy for you, new parents only wanting the best for your children. Your answer is simply to Shop Fragola!

Fragola has a simple but an impactful philosophy. They believe in the journey of introducing food to your little ones. They believe that this journey should be fun. They are passionate about healthy eating and that healthy eating starts young. In this case, your baby.

Fragola is more than just baby food, but a full service meal plan for your baby or babies. Their individually packaged organic meals have o added sugars, salts, artificial flavors or preservatives. Fragola understands the busy parent and that it can be hard to take the time to both read and understand the labelling on food. Let’s face it, some of those ingredients you can barely pronounce let alone understand! How are parents supposed to make tough decisions for their child’s first solid meal when they don’t even know the ingredients in their child’s food? That can be scary for families. Fragola keeps it simple for parents. They do the hard part and work alongside nutritionists and specialists so they can present you with only the best menu option for your little one.

What we love is your delivery is free, right to your door. The convenience of that is perfect for any family! Fragola promises that there is no added sugars salts, artificial flavors or preservatives! You can have a peace of mind while your child digs in to their latest delicious Fragola dish.

Recently, Fragola offered The Baby Spot an exciting opportunity to sample the Fragola brand. Delivered right to our door, we were excited to see that Fragola was a Canadian company (The Baby Spot is a global parenting magazine but based in Canada) and to see if it lived up to its amazing expectations.

Fragola delivers to Toronto and across the GTA. For any other inquires, just ask! Fragola is getting very popular.

We were spoiled with every (yes every) flavor Fragola has to offer and let us tell you we were impressed! Fragola kept the high standard that they promised. They delivered foods that we know will give babies the nutrients their bodies crave, while giving them a delicious meal.

We brought in some wonderful babies to taste test Fragola and over the course of a few days, they gobbled each meal right up! We brought in one little girl and one little boy. Our little boy, Luke, loved the Sweetie Pie dish. We think he just loves those precious sweet potatoes! Luke’s Dad said he was impressed that there was white onions in the mix as he said he had never seen that before. Onions are a great anti-inflammatory and it’s great to start children on onions early.

Our little girl, Sophie, was delighted with all of the dishes but her favorite surprised us. The “Raise the Couscous” brand. This includes: chicken, couscous, raisins, apple, red bell pepper and lemon. Sophie loved it and made the hand signal for “more.” It was like she had a connection with this particular mixture of nutritious goodness. We were impressed! Sophie’s Mom commented that she had never seen Sophie so excited about food before. She shared that Sophie was on a brand name baby food before and that feeding was often times a fight. Though Sophie’s face was full of Fragola yumminess, more went into her mouth than on her outfit. A new win for Mom!!

What we love about Fragola, other than the delicious food, the natural ingredients and the level of care with the brand is that your child’s personality really shines with the food. Parents will learn more about their child’s tastes and what they like and don’t like. With fresh food, a child’s mind is allowed to expand and when a child likes something, they start communicating with their parents. When communication begins, the learning process continues. How wonderful for both baby and parent! Fragola helped our parents learn more about their child’s likes, tastes and what worked. Their stress level was down (food was not being thrown but being enjoyed!) and that parent and child could bond over meal time. Can you imagine bonding with your child rather than cleaning up a mess and being frustrated? Good food excited a child for meal time and not dread it. This is the magic of Fragola!


Now for the facts. Fragola’s good is fresh, so how long can you store it outside of the fridge? Well, Fragola prides itself on fresh, organic food so food must be stored in the fridge if it is not being eaten right away. Thank goodness Fragola has no preservatives!

Fragola also has some advice to get the most out of their food. Since their food is fresh and organic, Fragola suggests that you serve the meat based foods before the veggie and fruit based meals. Always check the best before date on the container of each Fragola meal but remember, they deliver twice a week! Their food is always fresh.

For the parent on the go, Fragola meals are safe to freeze up to three months and they are also microwave sae so you have nothing to worry about!

You may notice that Fragola uses ice packs. Fragola prides themselves on 100% nontoxic water based ice packs that are Canadian made. Another interesting fact about the ice packs is that they are also bio-degradable. Not only are they making delicious food for your babies, but ensuring that your children grow up caring about the environment! What a great start!

When you are finished with the ice pack, here comes the fun part. Simply put the gel into your garden, it’s bio-degradable and then through the plastic into the recycling bin. It’s that easy! You can do this or just simply return it to Fragola on your next delivery. The choice is yours!

The containers are also 100% recyclable so you don’t have to worry about waste.

Your food is prepared 12 hours before delivery. Fragola is the only baby food brand that we know that if asked, will accommodate special dietary restrictions! What other brand would do that for you? We experience so many food brands each year at The Baby Spot and this is the first time the individual can request certain restrictions. If Fragola cannot accommodate you for whatever reason, they will contact you and suggest the best option and or alternative for you and your baby. That is service like no other. You will never experience that with any other company. Trust us, we have seen them all!

Does your little one have a food allergy? Fragola can help! All of Fragola’s food and products are nut free. However, Fragola meals are prepared in facilities that also process milk, eggs, shellfish, wheat and nuts. If your child has a serious food allergy, you may want to contact Fragola before subscribing. Even though Fragola goes to great lengths to help parents, a simple peace of mind contacting Fragola is best.

Remember to take advantage of the notes description for any dietary restrictions! In the event that Fragola cannot accommodate you, they will contact you with the best option or alternative for you. You are always their number one priority. The goal is to feed your child what they need at Fragola is committed to seeing that happen.

For vegetarian and vegan families, Fragola can accommodate you! Just message them so you can go over your restrictions. Fragola respects all dietary choices and concerns of a parent.

For the parent whose child is just beginning their journey into solid foods, Fragola has your back. Start slowly and introduce your child to Fragola’s simply puree section to help them ease into solid eating. This is a time where you observe each dish your child eats and see if they have developed any allergies. One by one, slowly introduce new foods to your child and see what they like. This is an important time for nutrition but also to get to know your babies personality and what he or she likes and dislikes. This can be a stress less and exciting journey thanks to Fragola! Fragola has also put a menu structure in each order so your child will get introduced to easier foods to digest first. Your baby can eat their food in any particular order they like but you can ensure your child is getting the food that they can handle according to their age and experience. Fragola has a lot of great advice and insight for parents on their website. Fragola is also perfect for families with multiples! Simply message them about discount rates for your babies and get started on a new journey of fresh and healthy nutritious meals for your babies.

To choose Fragola, it only involves three simple steps for you!

STEP 1 – The Package Type

Different families need different meal options and Fragola recognizes this and has provided you with every option possible for your baby. Whether it is simple purees or a full meal plan for the busy parent, Fragola has you covered. The menu has over 60 options and Fragola makes sure to change the options every week. Your child will never get bored of the new flavors and combinations!

STEP 2- Choose Your Texture

Yes, you get to choose the texture that best suits your baby’s needs! Do you want a nice puree with no chunks of food, a chunkier puree or their chunkiest option? The choice is yours.

STEP 3- The Magic Happens!

This is our favorite part. Now Fragola begins to cook your baby’s food and it is delivered right to your door step! We might have a hunch, but we theorize this is every parent’s favorite part of the quick and easy process that Fragola provides.

There has never been a baby food company that allows you do have so many options. There has never been a baby company that cares about individual menu options and there has never been a company that delivers fresh food to your doorstep so you get to know the actual people behind the brand. Until Fragola. Fragola is not just a brand of baby food, it is a movement. A movement to give choice back to the parent.

We love the delivery options for Fragola. Worried about not being home for your home delivery? Fragola can make special arrangements to have your package delivered at your work!

In a busy world where in many households, both parents are working, it can be hard to ensure that your baby is getting the best food that is available. Fragola has your back Mom and Dad, making sure that your baby’s nutritional needs are met while ensuring your child will love his or her delicious meal!

Testing Fragola products was not only fun, it also caused us to reflect on a company that is doing so much for not only babies, but for parents. We could not help but think how busy parents are and that all of their child’s nutritious needs can be met with Fragola. No more worries, no more delays.


Fragola wants to be there every step of your child’s growth! After testing Fragola products our only concern is that they don’t have an adult meal plan! We would love to be pampered as much as our baby! All kidding aside, we believe in the Fragola brand and we give Fragola a perfect rating which means we are confident that all of our readers will love Fragola as much as we do. Instead of stressing about if your meals for baby have enough nutrients and you are giving your baby the jump start he or she needs in life, let Fragola take the reins so you get to enjoy the little moments during feeding time.