Top Parent Blog Posts of The Week

Sometimes, we find great posts that are a few weeks or a few months old. Whether these blog posts are ‘hot off the presses’ or just timeless pieces, we have to share!

Our blogger of the year Momma Braga has put out a recipe to end all recipes, her famous lasagna. Now it can be yours too. This was shared like crazy this week! This recipe is easy to understand. Get ready to replicate this delicious recipe.

Parenting Expert To Mom has a great post about social skills from birth to three months old.  Whether you are a parent to be or a new parent, you will appreciate this post.

One Hull of A Mum has us nodding our heads in agreement with her ‘Never Ending Laundry Basket’ post. Are you a parent who goes three days where you don’t have any laundry to do? If so, we would like to meet you, you unicorn and study you. We will team up with One Hull of a Mum and get the scoop! As for the rest of us, have a laugh with the never ending laundry basket post.

Mama at Heart’s Celebrating Motherhood Series has begun! So far we have met Erin and Mary (Mary is Jenn’s sister in law) and we peer into celebrating those who are making a difference. The women are kind, great leaders but most of all, relatable to the reader.

DIY Daddy was asked about God from his five year old daughters! Here is what his family believes and how he handled it.

Daddy Burns Salad touches upon an interesting find. ‘ Less Than Stellar Parents in Shopping Spree Madness!’  We can’t imagine what it is like to work at these stores. Oh yes we can, we witnessed many of these things when we were teenagers working a minimum wage job. Needless to say, have a laugh or contemplate what is wrong with some people. Have you seen any of these parents in a shopping spree?

Shh, it’s the wee hours of the morning and The Milk Leech writes a poigniant post about the quiet mornings of motherhood. Does this sound like your mornings? It sure sounds like ours!

The Dad Gum is one of our favorite bloggers and we are giving a shout out to one of his 2016 posts entitled, The Man Card. He defines manhood the way we think men should be defined.

Podcast- Mom and The New Dad. Must.Listen. If you happen to miss an episode, they will be available for you.

Company of the week goes to our friends at Tasty Tours. They gave us the best tasting tour in Toronto, Canada and they deserve a shout out for being awesome. We are still full from being so spoiled!

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