Friday Night Wrestle Fest!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Friday night and the family is ready for a wrestle fest like no other! In each corner we have a contender more fearless than the next! Will you dare to read Friday Night Wrestle Fest?

This imaginative and fun book is going to enchant your whole family and maybe inspire a wrestle fest of your own at home!

We find our fun and amazing family fighting to the end for the bedtime brawl. Will Dad have enough strength to win against the kids? Whose side is Mom really on? Watch family members switch teams, attack with love and most of all, the surprise epic ending that goes down in history.

You Will Love Friday Night Wrestle Fest. Each family members wrestle name is awesome and a great way for an early reader to learn about wit and humor. The illustrations by Micah Player will have your child see their own family in each picture. Such talent!

J.F. Fox delights parent and child readers alike with this fun and engaging book. We can see children get excited about reading and put themselves in the story. Fox has a real talent to get even the most reluctant of reader excited to see what happens next.

Overall, this is a great book for readers both advanced and reluctant. They will learn humor, imagination and so much more. A fun and friendly Friday Night Wrestle Fest is guaranteed to be in your future with this fun and engaging book.


This book is great for:

Family Reading

Reluctant Readers

Advanced Readers

Children Grasping Humor in Stories


Promoting Family Togetherness



You can create your own Wrestle Fest with the family!

  1. Choose a room that is safe and does not have any pointed objects or fragile items.
  2. Bring down pillows and blankets for extra fun.
  3. Pick really awesome names like “Peanut Brother”
  4. Come up with two signature moves just like wrestlers have and name them something great.
  5. Set out the rules and have fun!

Let us know what names you chose in the comment section below!

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