We are all hurt and devastated to read or hear about children dying in car seats. They are left, intentionally or unintentionally in the car where it gets too hot or too cold and they pass away. How can we ensure the safety of our children in our cars?

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Sense A Life has come to the rescue. Created by two innovative and concerned fathers, Sense A Life is going to save lives.

In The USA alone, over one thousand incidences have been reported of children being left inside a vehicle per year! Most of these incidences would be avoided if a Sense a Life child occupant detection device was with the parent.

Sometimes, these are complete accidents. Today’s parent is slammed with distractions. Radios, phones, coupled with so many errands, sometimes good people make bad mistakes. To avoid being distracted, Sense  A Life has the answer. But how does it work?

This safe technology senses whether the parent and child are both present in the vehicle. It then determines when the parent is about to exit the car through its special optical sensors. It then triggers an audio alert with a verbal message notifying the driver to remove the child from the car seat. Don’t worry parents! It has a special feature for those who are stepping out to get gasoline from the gas station!

However, if the driver does not respond to the verbal alert, the system sends a secondary notification to a Bluetooth synced mobile phone through a proprietary mobile app alerting the driver. It’s life saving! It only takes 30 seconds or less to install and it will give parents a peace of mind while keeping your children SAFE.

We are looking for strategic partners who will help us mass produce our device at an affordable price and have readily available in the retail market. Also, partnering with car seat manufactures, we can have our technology available in all car seats.

Founders Fadi Shamma, Masud Hossain  and Jim Friedman are not only incredible inventors, they are also Dads! They want to stop these incidences from happening across the world. Lofty goal? Not to these three and the massive support they have already received.

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Now Sense A Life has a Kickstarter Campaign  to bring this product to your family. It will be affordable, easy to use for EVERYONE and eventually be in every car in the future.

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To give to this Kickstarter Campaign is not only a great investment, you will be saving lives. This is not just for parents as you can share this with all caregivers. Babysitters, grandparents, aunts and uncles and more can be connected and COMMITTED to your child.

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Sense A Life is changing lives. Be a part of this global CHANGE.