How to Minimize Scarring and Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful time you’ll remember forever. The baby kicking, gender reveal, and delivery are all moments you’ll cherish. The only thing you perhaps won’t cherish as much are the stretch marks that come with a growing belly. Stretch marks are caused by weight gain and even dramatic weight loss. Luckily, you can minimize or avoid these lines by following a few simple steps. Here’s how to minimize scarring and stretch marks during pregnancy.


Gain/Lose Weight Slowly

Since stretch marks are caused by weight loss and gain, you’ll want to focus on your health. Follow a healthy diet enriched with greens and vitamins that’ll help your skin and keep you on track with healthy measurements. Your doctor will have regular checkups and will probably make some recommendations for your prenatal diet. If you were exercising leading up to the pregnancy, you can continue working out; if not, try light exercises that your doctor approves of. Don’t be too eager to shed those pounds after baby. Sudden weight loss can result in stretchmarks too.


Use a Stretch Mark Serum or Scar Gel

These can help you treat existing stretch marks and avoid new ones from forming. Many of these are made with Vitamin E oil and Retin-A to give your skin the strength it needs to fight back. Epi-Derm brand have silicone gel sheeting for scars and can be helpful in keeping skin soft. Spread them over the stomach, hips, chest, and other areas prone to marks. Furthermore, they are best used from the beginning of pregnancy and well into the postpartum period to eliminate and fade away the purple and white lines.


Use a Dry Brush

These soft bristled brushes can be used to exfoliate your skin and help your skin repair. Start at ankles and work your way up, brushing upwards three to five times before moving to the next area. You’ll want your strokes to be firm to take off the dead skin and stimulate blood flow to the top layer. Livestrong recommends combining this technique with an exfoliating scrub in the shower. When you’re done washing off, you  finish with a serum or gel to target the healing skin.


You can avoid these purple and white lines after pregnancy by following these tips. If you already have stretch marks, your skin will need time to heal, but these steps will help you speed along the process. Lastly, regnancy should be remembered for the happiness and love it brought into your life, and not scars all over your body. Fade away the lines and enjoy the life you created.