Just One More Sleep Book- From the #1 New York Times bestselling team Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, we present Just One More Sleep. We dive into a life in the year of a charming little one. Additionally, we never forget that all good things come to those who wait.

What The Book Is About

As readers, we get to observe the magic of a family and their celebrations. Starting in January, where we celebrate the main character’s birthday. Just One More Sleep educates children on various holidays and milestone events throughout the year. The reader celebrates a birthday, Chinese New Year, Passover, Easter and so much more. A blend of cultures awaits as we just wait one more sleep until something great.

The theme is simple and yet profound, family. Family is in every holiday and to be surrounded with love ones who truly love you in return is a blessing. There are so many wonderful things for our young readers to look forward to. Penguin Random House chooses a book that teaches young children about family bonding, special holidays and does a special nod to all of those excited kids out there for the next event.

You will love the moral of family bonding and togetherness and your young children will start to learn about the different holidays of the year you and your friends celebrate!

Extra Credit

Have your children draw a picture and/or write about their favorite holiday. Why is it their favorite? What do they like best about this holiday? Just One More Sleep Book will inspire children to write and draw about the best holidays with their families.