LEGO Harry Potter Plush Toys- We all love Harry Potter and now Lego introduces a new opportunity to inspire your children’s imaginations and take them right to Hogwarts with the new Harry Potter Plush. Evidently, everyone is going to love these cool LEGO plush toys.

Let’s dive in why LEGO fans can’t get enough of these soft fabric adorable minifigures. You can get each plush below. Similarly, you can start your collection today.

Lego Harry Potter Plush Toys

Firstly , it is time to add a plush version of these wonderful LEGO minifigure characters. Get one as a keepsake or get ready for hours of fun playing with your favorite Hogwarts characters. There will be endless adventures that await. Collect all of these Harry Potter collectables.

Secondly, each Harry Potter stuffed toy has flat feet. These LEGO plush toys work for everyone! For instance, each LEGO plush toy is so cool for collectors! Each toy can stand upright and can be displayed. Collectors will love posing their Harry Potter plush toys in their display cases or shelves. Children will love that their imagination will run wild with these soft and cuddly plush toys. It will make a great conversation piece with guests.

Each Collectable Harry Potter stuffed toy is made sturdily with flat feet. Since this helps stand them upright, each LEGO plush toy get extra cuddles and will go on many awesome adventures.

Lastly, each doll is 11 inches or 27 centimeters tall. These will make a great gift for anyone of all ages, at any time of the year. Certainly each LEGO plush toys are collectables that you want in your collection.

Harry Potter™ Plush

This adorable plush will take you right back to Harry’s adventures in Hogwarts. This collectable plush is detailed, soft and cuddly. Made with 100% polyester fabrics, you can admire the fine details to this adorable plush. Play with him for hours or just display him, Harry is a definite conversation piece for all of those Harry Potter fans. Additionally, this is not only a great gift for friends and family but an excellent timeless gift that can be passed down.

Hermione Granger™ Plush

The magnificent muggle Hermione Granger is here in plush thanks to LEGO. Similarly, like Harry, she is 11 inches or 27 centimeters tall and made from 100% polyester fabrics. She is ready to be held by your Harry Potter fan! We adore this brainy hero. There was no expense spared in the fine details of Hermione. In addition to her signature LEGO hands to the details of her curly hair, she is a favorite amongst Harry Potter fans. Similarly, all collectors and fans alike will love the details, the flat feet to stand Hermione and that this is a one of a kind plush! Children love their hero Hermione and can’t wait for her to cast the next spell in Hogwarts.

Overall, you have to get this as a gift for that wonderful little one in your life or buy it for yourself, family, friends or a fellow collector. Lastly, each LEGO plush toy will be cherished for a lifetime!

Hagrid™ Plush

The groundskeeper of Hogwarts is now in adorable plush form! He gets Harry ready for Hogwarts and has a heart of gold. This gentle giant makes an adorable plush toy. From collectors loving his incredible detail to children adoring Harry’s wonderful friend, Hagrid is guaranteed for adventure and hours of play. This is a must have plush for your collection. Like Hermione and Harry, Hagrid is 11 inches or 27 centimeters and can stand.

Lord Voldemort Plush

He who must not be named is a perfect plush to add to your collection. Set fear in Hogwarts with this cruel character. Expertly made and detailed, this is perfect to add to your collection.

Albus Dumbledore Plush

This headmaster of Hogwarts makes a perfect collector plush. His bright colors and detail are striking. Instead of collecting chocolate frogs, you can collect this adorable plush toy!

Ron Weasley Plush

The best friend of Harry, Ron is always by his side. He progresses and comes into his own. This youngest child of the Weasley’s is a perfect addition to your Harry Potter Plus collection. Additionally, he is perfect for all of the Ron Weasley fan and collectors alike.

Hedwig Plush

Harry’s personal owl, Hedwig is a trusted animal companion. She is great messenger and she could be a great companion for you too. The detail on Hedwig makes her a personal favorite of children and collectors alike.

Lego Harry Potter Plushies

We certainly love Harry Potter and we love Lego. These Lego Harry Potter Plush toys are perfect for your little ones to have. Go on hours of adventures in Hogwarts or keep them safe on a collectors case or shelf. All things considered, the fine detail is a perfect conversation piece and these will be adored by your entire family. Therefore, you have to get each one of these prized LEGO plush toys.