Letter L Show and Tell Ideas – Show and tell is so much fun for kids. If you are looking for some Letter L show and tell inspiration, look no further than this list! We have 85 excellent ideas.

Letter L Show and Tell Ideas

Here are 85 show and tell ideas for the letter “L” along with brief descriptions:

Lighthouse Model:

Bring in a model of a lighthouse and explain its purpose in guiding ships safely to shore.

Lion Toy:

Share a lion toy or stuffed animal and discuss facts about lions, their habitat, and behavior.


Show your laptop and explain how it works, its uses, and importance in today’s world.

Library Card:

Bring your library card and talk about the joys of reading and borrowing books.

Lava Lamp:

Display a lava lamp and explain the science behind its mesmerizing lava-like movements.


Bring a head of lettuce and discuss its nutritional value and use in salads.


Share a pitcher of homemade lemonade and describe how it’s made using lemons, sugar, and water.


If you have a pet lizard, introduce it and discuss its characteristics and habitat.

Lego Creations:

Showcase your Lego creations and talk about the creativity involved in building with Legos.


Display a lantern and discuss its historical and practical uses for lighting.


Show a ladybug or ladybug-related items and talk about their significance in gardens.

Lake Picture:

Bring a picture of a serene lake and discuss the beauty of lakes and their ecosystems.

Laptop Stickers:

Share the stickers on your laptop and explain their significance or memories associated with them.

Lighthouse Artwork:

Show a painting or drawing of a lighthouse and discuss its artistic qualities.


Open your lunchbox and talk about the contents and healthy eating habits.

Lego Movie:

Discuss your favorite Lego movie and why you enjoy it.

Leather Wallet:

Display a leather wallet and talk about its functionality and materials.

Lobster Shell:

If you’ve been to a seafood restaurant, bring a cleaned lobster shell and discuss the experience.

Lava Rock:

Show a piece of lava rock and explain its origin from volcanic activity.

Luchador Mask:

If you have one, share a Luchador mask and talk about Mexican wrestling.

Laptop Mouse:

Explain how a laptop mouse or touchpad works and its role in computer navigation.

Lily Flower:

Display a lily flower and discuss its symbolism and various types.

Lighthouse Book:

Share a book about lighthouses and read an interesting passage.

Leather Jacket:

Show a leather jacket and discuss its fashion appeal and history.

Lacrosse Stick:

If you play lacrosse, bring your stick and explain the game.

Lavender Essential Oil:

Share a bottle of lavender essential oil and discuss its uses for relaxation.

Lava Cake:

Bake a lava cake and explain the recipe and how the “lava” center is created.

Lava Field Photo:

Show a photo of a lava field and discuss volcanic landscapes.

Lunar Calendar:

Display a lunar calendar and explain how it’s different from the regular calendar.

Letter “L” Magnet:

Show a letter “L” magnet and discuss words that start with “L.”

Loom Bracelet:

Share a loom bracelet you’ve made and explain the art of bracelet weaving.

Lincoln Log Set:

Showcase a Lincoln Log set and talk about constructing log cabins.

Lego Technic Set:

Display a Lego Technic set and discuss its advanced building features.

Lobster Bib:

If you’ve eaten lobster, show the bib you used and describe the experience.

Lawn Mower:

Talk about the importance of lawn maintenance and show a small toy lawnmower.


If you do gymnastics or dance, show your leotard and discuss your activities.

Loch Ness Monster:

Share a picture or model of the Loch Ness Monster and discuss the legend.

License Plate:

Display a license plate and discuss its purpose and design.

Lighthouse Puzzle:

Showcase a lighthouse-themed puzzle and talk about the fun of solving puzzles.

Lily Pad:

If you have a pond nearby, bring a lily pad and discuss its role in ecosystems.

Lion King Poster:

Share a Lion King movie poster and discuss the story and characters.

Laptop Bag:

Display your laptop bag and discuss its role in protecting your computer.


Show lacquerware items and discuss the traditional art of lacquer painting.

Lemon Tree:

If you have a lemon tree, bring a lemon and talk about growing citrus fruits.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Diary:

Share excerpts from a fictional lighthouse keeper’s diary.

Lava Lamp DIY:

Explain how to make a simple lava lamp using household items.

Leprechaun Hat:

Share a leprechaun hat and discuss St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

Lighthouse History:

Discuss the history of a famous lighthouse and its significance.

Lawn Game:

Bring a lawn game like croquet or lawn darts and demonstrate how to play.

Leopard Print:

Display leopard print fabric or clothing and discuss fashion trends.

Laser Pointer:

Explain how a laser pointer works and demonstrate its use.

Lagoon Diorama:

Create a lagoon diorama with toy animals and discuss aquatic life.

Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle:

Showcase a lighthouse-themed jigsaw puzzle and discuss your progress.

Lily of the Valley Plant:

Display a potted Lily of the Valley plant and talk about its fragrant blooms.

Lion Dance Mask:

If you have one, share a lion dance mask and explain its cultural significance.

Lawn Chair:

Bring a folding lawn chair and discuss outdoor relaxation.

Lacrosse Ball:

Show a lacrosse ball and discuss its use in the sport.

Lettuce Garden:

If you have a small lettuce garden, share it and talk about gardening.

Lullaby Music:

Play a lullaby song and discuss its calming effects on babies.

Lava Flow Model:

Create a model of a lava flow and explain volcanic eruptions.

Lace Doily:

Display a lace doily and discuss its use in home decor.


If available, show a model of a lifeboat and discuss its role in emergencies.

Lobster Trap:

Display a miniature lobster trap and talk about lobster fishing.

Lion Roar Sound:

Play a lion’s roar sound and discuss animal communication.

Lighthouse Craft:

Share a craft project of building a miniature lighthouse.

Linen Cloth:

Display a linen cloth and discuss its qualities and uses.

Lantern Festival:

Discuss lantern festivals around the world and their cultural significance.

Letter L Collage:

Create a collage using words and pictures that start with the letter “L.”

Lava Tube Cave:

Share a photo or model of a lava tube cave and discuss cave exploration.

Lilac Fragrance:

Share a bottle of lilac-scented perfume or oil and discuss its aroma.

Lemonade Stand:

Set up a mini lemonade stand and discuss entrepreneurship.

Lighthouse Beacon:

Create a light-up lighthouse beacon model and explain its purpose.

Loom Weaving Demo:

Demonstrate the process of weaving on a loom.

Lunchbox Art:

Showcase artwork or designs on your lunchbox and discuss your artistic talents.

Lunar Rover Toy:

Display a lunar rover toy and discuss space exploration.

Lion Mane Craft:

Make a lion mane craft and discuss different animal adaptations.

Luggage Tags:

Show luggage tags from past trips and share travel stories.

Lacrosse Goal:

If you play lacrosse, demonstrate how to score a goal.

Lightning Photo:

Share a photo of lightning and discuss thunderstorms.

Lilypad Craft:

Create a lilypad craft with paper and discuss its role in frog habitats.

Lighthouse History Book:

Share a book about the history of lighthouses and read an excerpt.Lobster Anatomy: Display a diagram or model of lobster anatomy and discuss marine life.

Letter L Handwriting:

Show off your best handwriting of the letter “L.”

Lullaby Lyrics:

Share the lyrics of a favorite lullaby and sing a verse.

Lunch Recipe:

Share a simple lunch recipe that starts with the letter “L” and discuss its preparation.

These show and tell ideas should provide a diverse range of topics and activities related to the letter “L.” You can choose the one that suits your interests and audience the most. If you are still looking for other letters, check out our ultimate show and tell idea list.