Nivea Crème is the Perfect present for your family this holiday season. Whether you are buying for friends, extended family, Mom, Dad or your children, Nivea Crème is the perfect gift.


Celebrating Christmas and don’t know what to get a loved one? Give them the gift of great smooth skin with Nivea! Perfect for a gift set or a stocking stuffer, Nivea is a guaranteed present pleaser for the one you love!

Nivea has over 125 years of experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centers! Giving you high quality cosmetic products is their number one goal! The brand is universally trusted, with products selling all over the world. Since Nivea is one of the internationally leading companies for skin care, they are always listening to their consumers and creating both compelling and innovative products.

Nivea Crème is a skin care classic! It gives you the protective care and deep nourishment that you need for dry skin. For those who are experiencing a harsh winter, this is perfect for those cold days when your skin is exposed to the frigid cold air and freezing winds.

This all-purpose cream is for all skin types, even those who have very sensitive skin. Does your skin feel rough and very dry? This is for you. Rub Nivea Crème on your body, face and hands and don’t forget those pesky dry spots like your elbows, knees and feet. We apply Nivea Crème to our feet religiously every night! We love how smooth they are in these harsh temperatures!

We love that Nivea Crème does not clog our skin pores. Many competitive creams, when applied to parts of the body (the face especially) clog pores causing blemishes, bumps and those dreaded pimples. As an adult, you do not want to look like you are going through a second round of adolescence! Nivea makes sure that it does not clog pores but still gives your skin the nourishment that it needs.

It is available in the following formats:
400 ml, 250 ml and 150 ml tins
60 ml tube
25 ml travel jar

Spoil your children with Nivea Crème every day after baths and/or before bed every day! You can even buy the 25ml travel jar for your school aged children to take with them to school every day! Those recesses outside can be long and it’s nice to give your face a quick treatment from those harsh temperatures if your child chooses!

Nivea is a perfect product for men as well. It does not have a strong aroma that can irritate a man’s skin (especially their face!) it can be used for elbows, feet, face and hands as suggested above and is a perfect stocking stuffer for those who are both in the office or working outside. Does the man in your life play sports? Nivea Crème is perfect, especially for outdoor games.

Nivea is a trusted brand for women. New Moms love Nivea. As their skin changes, their skin cream does not. Nivea skin crème is perfect for the pregnant Mama who wants to soothe her skin. It is also great after birth, as many new Moms suffer from dry patches on their skin.

The woman who loves sports (especially those outdoor sports in the winter like hockey or skiing) will love Nivea as it gives the nourishment back to your skin that you have lost.

For parents who do not have time for a beauty regime, Nivea Crème is quick, easy to apply and gets the job done fast. Your skin looks smooth and you did not have to go through a long beauty regime to get it!

Since 1911, Nivea has built a trusted brand all over the world. Families from across the globe trust Nivea to protect and nourish their skin for harsh elements such as weather, pollution and more. Nivea is great for babies, children, teens and adults and should be a regular staple in your family home!

For the perfect Christmas present or stocking stuffer, use Nivea Crème to make your family feel very happy and have very healthy skin.

Nivea is available at most retail stores around the world. Check out Nivea Crème and all of Nivea’s fantastic products!