The NoseFrida is an odd looking, snot sucking contraption that I first saw in a baby store in 2013 when my oldest son was still an infant. My first thought when I saw the box hanging on the shelf was “ewww”. I couldn’t stomach the thought sucking snot out of my son’s nose. Like, what if I accidentally sucked too far? <insert all the vomit sounds>.  I instead bought an electronic aspirator for around $25 during a bout of RSV. It worked well as long as the batteries were fresh, and fresh batteries didn’t last long. It ended of collecting dust in a medicine drawer.


Fast forward four years to 2017 when my youngest son was an infant and fight cold and congestion in the Winter months. During one of his hospital discharges a doctor recommended the NoseFrida as the best snot getter out there. I decided to take another look at the NoseFrida, since it was so highly recommended and around $15.  The replacement filters are inexpensive as well at around $3.99 for a box of twenty.


I ventured to my local store and picked up the Frida, it also came with two additional filters. It was really easy to assemble, but their website features step by step instructions if needed.  With my stomach already wavering, I went to work suctioning out my son’s nose. And you know what? It wasn’t bad at all, and only took a few seconds! It is a very effective tool, in fact more effective than the $25 electric aspirator that ate through ungodly amounts of batteries. I have also used my NoseFrida on my older son, so it can be used for the whole family not just the baby (you have to clean it of course).


I highly recommend the NoseFrida by Fridababy! I wish I had bought it years ago, instead of wasting money on other products.