Our kids are always on the move, but what do you do as a parent to ensure that your child is getting the healthiest start possible? Baby Gourmet has even more delicious choices to choose from so your child will have a delicious and healthy snacks.

Puffies Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Puff Snacks

We decided to put Puffies Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Puff Snacks to the test by giving them to babies who are VERY picky eaters. Do you have a one year old who just won’t eat anything? We knew a few and decided to introduce them to Puffies Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Puff Snacks.

The little ones seemed to like the freedom of taking the puffies out of the package and when they tried it, the healthy and delicious snack had them crawling back for more and more and more! Moms and Dads quickly swooped up the remainder of the packages. Parents love that it’s re-sealable package is perfect for parents on the go. This snack is great for a treat in the car, waiting at a restaurant or just spending the day at home.

These 100% Organic Quinoa puffs are delicious gluten free snacks for self-feeders! With 1B probiotics, and a source of protein in every serving, sweet or savory Puffies help to support their health as well!

Delicious and nutritional, broccoli and cheese are a perfect marriage and these quinoa puffs will have your children asking for more while delivering nutritional goodness and delicious flavor.

Strawberry beet puffies


The second flavor was also a hit and could not be “beet”. The strawberry beet puffies sound nutritional but can you believe it is also delicious? This fusion of flavor had our one year olds signing for “more.” One father commented that this is a great way to introduce the delicious and sweet strawberry flavor to his daughter.

Beets alone can be difficult for children to digest, but a nutrient rich beet should not be forgotten in a child’s diet! Introduce baby to the delicious taste of strawberries combined with beets. These little treats are the perfect snack for babies that are starting to feed themselves.

Babies love the independence of feeding themselves and parents love that children are meeting their nutritional requirements.

Baby Shakers Vanilla and Chocolate

Whether you are on the go or staying at home, baby shakers vanilla or chocolate shakers are a parent’s staple in every household! These delicious shakers are great for your child who loves to play! Get the nutrients they need but also enjoy the delicious taste. We used the shakers for our little one’s soccer team! They asked for seconds! Find out what team your child is on, team vanilla or team chocolate. In this case, it’s okay to switch band wagons for teams, time and time again. Right now, we are on team chocolate. Yes, even we parents take a sip or two when we get the chance!

A delicious, rich chocolate nutritional beverage blended with organic whole milk, a touch of pumpkin and 25 vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a snack or meal-time.

Inspired by delicious vanilla milkshakes, this nutritional powerhouse contains organic whole milk, a touch of pumpkin and 24 vitamins and minerals. Perfect for snack or meal-time.

We are so INSPIRED by the delicious pumpkin ingredient in each shaker. We love that our children and their friends are having nutritious snacks that taste so good.

Whether you are a parent whose family is always on the go or a family who just craves something nutritious and delicious, look no further than Baby Gourmet. Keep reading The Baby Spot as we keep you posted on the latest and greatest products from Baby Gourmet.