Ritchie Neville Says It’s Easier to Raise a Son In Todays Society In His First Blogpost as a Regular Contributor For The Dad Network

Ritchie Neville talks about how the world creates added pressure on raising daughters. In his first blogpost as a regular contributor for The Dad Network, one of the UK’s leading dad blogs, he shares his concerns about how the sexualised world conditions women to ‘be’ and look a certain way from birth.

Back at the tale end of the summer, Ritchie became a dad to baby Ella. Since then he’s been settling in as dad with a newborn and has named himself a ‘newborn parent.’ In his first blogpost for The Dad Network Ritchie talks about how it’s ‘indescribable’ when she looks at her daddy right in the eye and smiles from ear to ear. It’s clear to say he is besotted by her.


So besotted in fact that this new experience for him has left him wondering about the stark realisation that this world is a dangerous place, especially for girls growing up to become women. He shares about how the world pressurises women to look a certain way and how our news is now filled with trivial stories about ‘Kim Kardashian’s backside.’

This blogpost hits some very topical and debated nails on the head. Are boys easier to raise than girls because of the world’s pressure on women?