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A colorful and adorable book written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi has made it onto our #MelandNikkiReview and we are so delighted it did!

Our eyes were captivated by the bright colors and beautiful illustrations and as we read the story, it captured our hearts too.

Sea Monkey & Bob is about Bob, the puffer fish and his best friend, Sea Monkey who came to the realization that they both have an “ocean” problem. So what problem could this two friends be having? Gravity! You read that right, gravity.

Sea Monkey is terrified that he will sink straight to the bottom since all heavy things sink and then that has Bob worried that he may puff up to the surface. He’s light, and all light things float, right?! They go back and forth on what other items sink and float. So what can these friends do to stick together when the forces of gravity are literally trying to keep them apart? By holding hands, of course!

Sea Monkey and Bob learn that sometimes the only way to overcome your fears is to just keep holding on…

Nikki and I give this book five Sea Monkey Puffs out of 5 as it offered us a dash of humor, learning and heart. We had so much fun reading the book that we have been reading it every night. Nikki who is almost turning three tells me that she wants the “Bob book” and I know exactly which one she wants.

Nikki learned all about different objects and which ones float and sink. It felt like a little taste of science for my eager to learn toddler and I loved that the most about Sea Monkey & Bob. This book is recommended for children 4 to 8 years of age and even though Nikki is almost 3 years old she still enjoyed the book immensely.

Make sure to follow Sea Monkey & Bob on Facebook as it is a fun feed to follow. You can also follow the author, Aaron Reynolds on Twitter.  Don’t forget to also follow the illustrator Debbie Ohi on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to check out her website which includes a lot of great extras/resources such as activity sheets, fun facts and an interview with Aaron Reynolds.

If you would like to purchase this beautiful book, click here. This book is definitely on the #MommaBraga recommended list.

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!