Why is it that families do not get good sleeps every night? Parents are overtired and overworked and often stay up worrying well into the night. Children worry about school, friends and the stresses around them. How can families ensure that they are getting a better sleep? Lectro Fan has the answer.


Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Lectrofan is the answer for people who suffer from sleep disorders. It is estimated that over 500 million people all over the world suffer from lack of sleep. This can affect their work habits, caring for children and more. However, with Lectrofan, your sleep disorder can be solved.

Lectrofan is a sound masking machine, which produces ‘fan sounds’ or ‘white noise sounds’ to help you go to sleep. Lectrofan makes sure that their sounds do not repeat, unlike others where you can hear the sound ‘replay’. Lectrofan is here to help you with your sleep disorder!


We love Lectrofan because you can set the volume, it’s USB powered and it has a timer. It is small enough to take with us on travel. Don’t let your sleep disorder ruin your travel plans! Simply take Lectrofan with you!

We also have to mention Lectrofan Junior. It has all of the features of a Lectrofan but also has 18 nursery rhymes to soothe your child to sleep!


Don’t let your sleep disorder come between your rest. Lectrofan has your answer and it can help your whole family. To purchase your Lectro fan today, click here