SmartMom App Review
By: Karen Del Ben
A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick

Wow! I just love this app. I have tried many online forums for parents and families but never had the opportunity to have one as an app!

Smart mom is a mobile app that allows parents to post questions and comments and have other moms reply to them instantly! Who else is going to be awake at 3 am and answer your baby questions? This app acts like a family! It is your support system at any time of day. To have the convenience to be able to use this app where ever I am is one of its more appealing features.

If you ask for help, someone will always reply, no matter the question or the time of day! Once you have downloaded the app and enter in your information, it immediately takes you to the forum where you can ask or answer other parent’s questions! My first question on the forum was for toddler recipes. I was immediately messaged dozens of recipes and links to other mom’s favourite toddler recipes. I app-solutely find this app to helpful and wonderful support system to all families.
Try this app out today! You will have the support of this mommy/family community with you at all times waiting to help!

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