The Original Designer Noodle- Fun In The Pool!

Whether it is for the next summer or your upcoming trip, having a pool toy can bring your children hours of fun! Jaclyn Wachter and her husband came up with the perfect pool toy for kids, The Original Designer Noodle!


Pool noodles are always North America’s top selling toy, but the average toy noodle falls apart quickly. Sun damage, everyday use and younger children biting the pool noodle causes rips and tears, making a pool noodle useless. The Original Designer Noodle has been manufactured with a spandex cover, which stops children from putting the noodle in their mouths and prevents damage from the sun. Each Noodle also has an eye catching, colorful design!



The Original Designer Noodle can provide you and your children with hours of fun in the sun and is perfect to bring to an amusement park, on that next trip, parties and even for home use!

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