Today’s Parent Effeclean Safe Cleaning Products!

We have always been a big fan of Effeclean and now, combined with Today’s Parent, they can help you celebrate your family with their new, safe house cleaners! We got to test two products, the all purpose cleaner and the tablet and laptop screen cleaner.


All Purpose Cleaner

all purpose

– If you are a parent looking for safer cleaners for your children, this  is your product! This fragrance free spray is free of phosphates, petroleum, chlorine, ammonia and VOCs. It is biodegradable and alcohol free. This is from their exo responsible line of cleaners and it gets the job done like its competitors. Let your children discover your home instead of worrying about them touching all of those harmful cleaners.


Tablet and Laptop Screen Cleaner


Get those little finger prints off of your laptop or tablet screen with this product! The Tablet and Laptop Screen Cleaner has no ammonia and alcohol and is biodegradable, non-flammable and hypoallergenic. Don’t hesitate to clean your screen any longer! One quick spray and a wipe with a laptop screen friendly cloth is all you need for those finger prints!


Get cleaners that you can trust. Today’s Parent Effe Clean products clean your home and keep your children safe from toxic chemicals.