Homeschooling Bloggers


Are you are a homeschooling parent, you are always on the hunt for interesting resources, crafts, activities and more that your children can experience. Many homeschooling parents prefer to be in a group that is supportive, promotes great ideas and shares stories. It’s nice to connect or even to read about other parents going through a similar journey.

We wanted to compile a list of home schooling bloggers that do have resources but most importantly, share their homeschooling stories and experiences in blogging. We want to know the families behind the homeschooling resources. It gives the homeschooling parent or the homeschooling curious an accurate portrayal of what it is like to homeschool. In true Baby Spot fashion, we list home schooling blogs from around the world, as we are a global magazine.

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a parent who is curious about the global homeschooling community, we have compiled a list of homeschooling blogs that you have to check out. Each of these blogs has either personal stories of the triumphs and tribulations of homeschooling, tips, tricks and resources to give Mom, Dad or guardian some interesting tools to aid in the homeschooling experience. The global homeschooling community is vast and there are many ways to home school so we have tried to list as many of these wonderful bloggers as we could find! (Note: Bloggers are listed in no particular order).


  • Hip Homeschool Moms

Hip Homeschool Moms (and Dads) is an ultimate resource for homeschoolers. Rom blog posts to printables, this place can feel like home to the homeschooling teacher. They also review different curriculums and have some yummy recipes. They are active on social media and have a great community of people. It doesn’t matter what country you’re homeschooling in, you will feel comfortable on this website!

  1. Our Everyday Chaos

Our Everyday Chaos is about a South Carolina Mama documenting her family’s homeschooling journey with the ease of her smartphone camera!

Carrie is an unschooler and her website educates those on what unschooling is and also what it isn’t. It debunks some common myths. Carrie also shares some great tips and travel ideas around South Carolina and her blog is so exciting and unique with great posts. Most of all, the pictures are gorgeous and detailed. Any homeschooler or unschooler can relate.

  1. Middle Way Mom

Middle Way Mom is filled with great blog posts. From curriculum lists, to natural living, this blogger makes sure to entertain and educate her readers.  Middle Way Mom dives into Mothering, free printables and Islam. We love her journey to Islam and her post on Easy to Learn Arabic Alphabet.

There are also great ways to stay green as a family despite the busy life of homeschooling. Middle Way Mom makes it look simple in her posts!

  1. Homeschool Your Boys

This Mom of boys encourages others to connect with their sons! This blogger has three facets: Blogs that are focused on homeschooling. There is a lot of resources for positive encouragement for boys and great ideas for homeschooling. The second is blogs for parenting which again has very positive advice. Lastly, there is a special section for Moms which has sections on advice and marriage.

  1. Homeschool Power

Tracy Kelly is a wife and a homeschooling Mom to 3. She invites the reader into her home to follow her journey of life and of course homeschooling! This Christian blogger has a unique blog as it is relatable both to homeschooling families and potential homeschoolers everywhere. She is so helpful and is a great resource to a successful homeschooling family. We love her tagline “Homeschooling is my superpower!” This blog keep its real and we love how candid Tracy is with her readers!

  1. The Mahogany Way

The Mahogany Way is owned by Darcel, a fabulous single Mom who is unschooling her kids. She is an Autism, Asthma and food allergy advocate. This blog has it all, real posts, the love of pink and some interesting information about homeschool co-op. There is also a great section of unschooling resources. Be sure to check out her autism series!

  1. Martyn’s Thoughts

Martyn’s Thoughts is a wonderful blog about a homeschooling Dad. Under “Home Ed” you get treated to some wonderful craft ideas, great blog posts and always an honest perspective from Martyn. Martyn has a delightful mix of interesting lessons and outdoor fun. Martyn’s blog is the ideal homeschooling blog that any homeschooling family, all over the world can relate to. Must read.

  1. Confessions of a Homeschooler

Confessions of a Homeschooler is that unicorn blog. You know, that one blog where they just have endless wonderful ideas that make you walk away a better homeschooling parent. Mom Erica comes up with the best ideas for the homeschooling parent. Your children will be more well-rounded and creative when you take away from Erica’s site! From honest reviews to a homeschooling e course, Erica has you covered. We love this blog.

  1. The Canadian Homeschooler

The Canadian Homeschooler is perfect for learning resources, ideas and blog posts from a Canadian perspective. Too often in the Canadian school system, it is hard for Canadian homeschoolers to get resources, books and ideas that are not homegrown. Your hopes are now answered with this patriotic and insightful blog. Whether you are a Canadian homeschooler looking for your “Canadian fix” or a homeschooler from another country looking to teach your children about this great country, this blog is for you. It’s so creative!

  1. Weird UnSocialized Homeschoolers

We love the name Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Those who have not educated themselves with homeschooling often times make these assumptions. Kris Bales is here to embrace the uniqueness which is homeschooling. This Christian Blogger has advice and stories for parent’s homeschooling from pre-kindergarten right through high school! Don’t forget the candid reviews!

  1. The Busy Mom

Ahh, yes the guilty pleasure of homeschooling readers. Heidi is a Mom who tells it like it is and is full of wonderful knowledge to share with you. This blog will put even the new homeschooler at ease and give you the confidence as a parent to begin your journey. Her writing is like a friend rather than a lecture so it is no secret why she has so many dedicated readers.


  1. RelaxLang Blog

The must read blog if you’re a homeschooling parent starting out or trying to get organized. We love this blog for inspiration, crafts, recipes and more. You can even buy certain products right from the blog! It’s beautiful, easy to navigate and you can spend a good hour each day getting ideas.


  1. The Classic Unschooler

Stop beating yourself up because your house isn’t perfect and you’re not following a classic curriculum. This blog will make you feel great about your choices and to find beauty in the chaos which is unschooling. From vibrant pictures to clear advice that really resonates, this is the blog for the unschooler family. A word of advice, sign up for the newsletter for both inspiration and freebies. Who doesn’t love freebies?


  1. My Little Poppies

Do you yearn for those blogs that just make you feel like a better person after you read a post? Let us introduce you to My Little Poppies. Cait is a school psychologist, wife and mom to three beautiful children. She not only is a homeschooler but a podcaster! You will love this blog for the honest posts and the great tips and tricks.


  1. Not The Former Things

This blog is great for the homeschooling special needs family. This blog gives families the confidence to homeschool their child with learning differences! From honest posts when a parent is feeling down and needs a pick me up to curriculum ideas, this is the perfect blog for parents who have chosen to homeschool their children who have learning differences. We love this blog!


  1. Table Life Blog

Welcome to the homeschooling table. Get ready to feel good about yourself and your children while your homeschool. Whether it is developing unit studies to keeping a child’s self-esteem happy, this blog is here for you. Pull up a chair and get ready to learn more about homeschooling, your children and yourself through these insightful posts.


  1. Classically Homeschooling

If you’re looking for the classical method of homeschooling for your family, it has four facets and this blog has it all. Classical education, a well-run homeschool, a well-run house and encouragement for both the child and the teaching parent. This blog is beautiful, easy to navigate and gives the parent a great structure base to teach their children.


  1. Kara S Anderson

This blog is a breath of fresh air! Kara Stephenson Anderson is a homeschooling mom, writer, tea drinker, yoga doer and the girl with the overdue books (we can relate). Do you have the case of the Mondays? There is a blog for that. Looking to start a homeschooling journal? There is a blog for that also. Kara’s blog is upbeat, positive and she is full of information. She is really a great support for the homeschooling parent. She also has a podcast!


  1. Elizabeth Fleck

She’s unconventional and uncomplicated! K. Elizabeth has these WIP Wednesdays (Works in Progress). We love this! From videos to blog posts, this site feels kind, creative and makes us feel like we a part of her movement.


  1. Dear Homeschooler

This blog has a unique platform where parents can link websites about different topics or subjects to educate each other! We love this idea! It’s a great idea to get resources to parents faster and help them build unique curriculums for their children. There are lots of product reviews and curriculum reviews which is so refreshing and can save the homeschooling parent a lot of time finding what is right for their family. Bookmark this blog!


  1. Freeschoolin’

This blog is peppy, fun and filled with adventure! This family is the unschooling fresschooling family that is just full of love. They have gone back to Earth and are ranch living! They have a freeschoolin’ book series, a lot of great posts about sharing, manners and more. The pictures are beautiful! It makes you want to get a ranch of your own. There are also great ideas for games and Live Action Role Play for your children.


  1. Small Things

This blog is refreshing. Ginny has seven little ones. Her philosophy is simple and yet profound. Appreciate and savor those small things. You can discover beauty and purpose in the life you have. The blog is full of positive posts and its perfect for the homeschooling parent who is feeling overwhelmed. Decompress, disengage and get ready to be centered again with this blog. She also sells homemade items (we love the yarn!!).


 Homeschooling is not the scary word it used to be. Many parents all over the world seek alternative forms of education for their children. These children grow up thriving, going to college, university or in the trades just like other children. They bring new ideas to our communities, countries and our world. For parents, it can be scary to take the plunge, go through the process and when your children have moved forward with their life, many parents feel fulfilled and happy that they went through those formative years with their children.

Top 22 Homeschool Blogs

While you might be the curious homeschooler, just looking for inspiration for after school time, or a full-fledged homeschooling or unschooling parent, we wanted to provide parents with the top homeschooling blogs across the internet (and the world) today. Wherever homeschooling is legal and/or available, someone is talking about it! We made sure to provide not only posts that will give your ideas and inspiration but blog posts on the day to day activity of a homeschooling family. This gives you, the curious homeschooler/ unschooler the opportunity to see how it works in households all over the world.

So give these bloggers some love, be sure to follow their journeys and lives and we promise that you will be inspired and at least walk away with a new way of thinking and plenty of great ideas.