TUTSWVET For A Cleaner Bum



Sometimes it happens, where you are cleaning a little baby or toddler bum and you need a bit of moisture to keep your child clean and fresh. It can be frustrating, especially when you are out in public, going to a public washroom and trying to clean a mucky mess. TUTSWVET has an answer to your struggle! This hypo allergenic product is set to keep bums clean and its environmentally friendly too!

This company is well on their way to reaching their goal! Check out some of the perks:


You don’t have to worry about premium toilet papers for yourself, just a quick spray will solve the problem! Stuck in a stall with your toddler with that cheap toilet paper? A quick spray will clean up the mess and let you get back to being out and running errands. TUTSWVET is a great product, a good stocking stuffer and a perfect accessory for your diaper bag (and who are we kidding, your purse as well!). Visit TUTSWVET today!