walls that unite

It’s that time of year again where we show you 12 special companies, businesses and products from around the world during this holiday season.

We wanted to start the 12 Days of Likes off right with a wonderful charitable organization in the United States. Walls That Unite is Artware for Good’s latest endeavor. Combining art with education, children become global citizens while bringing social good to a whole other level.

Art is truly a universal language.

Those who donate will receive a fun package where your child 9or yourself) can design a tile that will be joined with other tiles that will eventually go on a wall in a developing country.

So, where do the profits go? School books (countries like Rwanda are in desperate need) community centers and supplies are given to the local children.

A Kit contains:
-oil pastels,
-black market
-paper cavases
-glue stick

-Parents-instructions how to engage your artist
-talk about the charity your donation is going to
-kids get to learn about a day in the life in one of the kids where the charity is. So when she wakes up at 5am and how she takes the chickens out , walks 40 minutes to get water for her family and then gets ready to go to school.
-Photo and couple of questions about what your chores are


Rwanda is a young country, many people over the age of twenty one lived through the genocide. Because of this,  it is integral to help Rwanda raise their youth by giving them the educational tools that they deserve.

The co-founders of Walls That Unite are indeed amazing. However, they cannot do this alone.This holiday season, give back to this world by purchasing a kit from Walls That Unite today.

The Baby Spot will be designing a tile, so check back with us around Christmas to see what we have created!

The goal for next year is to get schools across the USA to sponsor Rwandan art to go on the Rwanda’s literacy wall.