Have you been stuck in traffic trying to contact your children’s babysitter?  You may running late but you do not have to worry your family or friends with the Flare app.
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The Flare App is available in Canada for iPhone.  Just picture shooting a flare to warn others, just with an app! The user is allowed to choose a recipient and then shoot them a flare which automatically shows them your location. So when you are trying to make your child’s recital on time for work you can just shoot your spouse a flare to let them know that you are close by.
Flares are viewable for 40 seconds, like real flares, before expiring from your friend’s phone. Use them to signal a meeting spot or to let everyone know you’re running late. Flares can be used for just about any time you need to quickly send a signal to someone. Shooting flares is faster and safer if you’re  on the go between events.
• Use 1-flick firing for instant location updates
• Fire flares to groups of friends in seconds
• Send unlimited flares for free
• Be creative: A flare can mean whatever you chooseflare2Note: Much safer to use while walking or before driving: no texting requiredWith Flares, you can send location updates to individuals or several friends at a time and will receive an alert when your flare has been seen. When you return to the app, your last flare recipient is pre-loaded for 1-click message sending which is particularly convenient if you’re driving and don’t want to text-and-drive. If you want to update 4 or 5, or even 7 friends with a single button flick- Flares can do that too!Flares can be sent to update friends upon arrival at a party, parents when their kids are ready to be picked up, loved ones when mired in traffic. Flares can be used for virtually any purpose when where you are sets the context for hyper-relevant, real-time communication.


Or use flares as customer signals between you and your inner circle to mean whatever you wish.

Only those in the know will understand how to decipher the meaning of your flare. The possibilities are limitless.

Shoot flares, not texts.

To get the Flare App just click HERE