Your first baby is celebrated with a Baby Shower. You get together with friends and family and celebrate your pregnancy, or in some cultures, the recent birth of your first born baby. Many parents want to honour their subsequent children, but do not necessarily want guests to bring elaborate gifts like they did with their first child. The latest trend is to throw a SPRINKLE! But what is it?

SPRINKLE- celebrating the parent’s newest baby by “sprinkling” them with essentials: diapers, towels, onesies etc. Some people use a sprinkle as a way to introduce their second/third child to their friends and family. It must be emphasized that a sprinkle is as just as important as a baby shower, but it is not as elaborate. Huge gifts are unnecessary, because usually the parents are already prepared because of their first child.


-You do not have to buy elaborate gifts

-You are celebrating the baby coming or the babies arrival!

-Essentials make GREAT gifts, trust us, these parents will be happy with diapers, wipes, bibs, etc.

-If you want to give an elaborate gift, ask the parents if any of their bigger items are expired (cribs, high chairs, car seats)



Make the celebration all about your baby and your growing family!

-do not expect more elaborate gifts

-If someone asks what you need, be honest and make sure you give a few suggestions. Try to suggest gifts you would not mind a repeat of-diapers, wipes, bibs,cloths, gift certificates to baby and me classes, etc


Most of all, enjoy this new little bundle of joy!!