February is the month  of LOVE and we love our boutique of the month, Wyatt Lily in NYC! We also were so happy to discover Silly Dolls in Canada and The Unprepared Father in Washington, USA. Visit them all on their sites and follow them on Twitter.
We love keepsakes for kids and when we found Silly Dolls in Canada, we were in love! These handcrafted, unique and adorable dolls are a perfect staple for a nursery or bedroom. Make Silly Dolls a great birthday or baby shower gift.  These high quality dolls will be your child’s favorite keepsake!
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The Silly Dolls Story – We are a small family owned and operated company, all products are designed and handmade by us. Our design started as a simple sketch, which led to the creation of our first dolls. We first started selling the dolls at some local craft fairs and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We have since expanded into several stores, both brick and mortar and online, across Canada.We chose animal designs because many children are drawn to them. Animals give them a feeling of joy and happiness. Sometimes the animals can comfort kids greatly by just being there. We want people to have this same experience when playing with or holding our dolls.Design has been a passion of ours and we have always had a great interest in the arts. By creating these dolls, we are able to share our enjoyment with others. The name Silly Dolls came about because the dolls are full of personality, playfulness and fun. We thought the name fit the dolls perfectly.Silly Dolls are very original and unique high quality dolls and our hope is to bring delight to all our customers. These fun, quirky dolls are a great gift for all ages; something to cuddle with, or something to collect.We would like to thank our customers for all of their support. We couldn’t do this without them.
Blogger of the Month:  The Unprepared Father
Twitter and Instagram: @MorelandPrint
FB: @TheUnpreparedFather
The Unprepared Father is witty, creative, hilarious and full of adorable pictures of his daughter, Lela. David is a teacher, owns his own screenprinting business and is the owner of The Unprepared Father.
We chuckled when little Lela found her face, appreciated the Diaper Pail Money Save piece , and picked up our guitar to play to our little ones after reading this. We are VERY excited to see where the Unprepared Father is going to go in 2015. If you’re looking for a blog that you can relate to, that keeps it real, has adorable baby pictures and if you are a parent entrepreneur, you will love this! David has his hands full as a multi tasker, but his beautiful wife and daughter by his side, we know this site will be BIG.
unprepared father
In David’s Words…
My name is David, and I am now a father.
The goal of The Unprepared Father is to share my story as I learn to be a parent.
I have been a teacher for 8 years, and the owner of Moreland Print, a screenprinting business, for about half as long. Those have been challenging and rewarding jobs, but I have a feeling those will be nothing compared to what parenting entails.Beyond teaching and screenprinting, I love the Ducks and the Blazers. Photography is a hobby of mine. I used to be a runner. Portland is my favorite city. I could eat pho or tortas everyday. Bruce Springsteen and Brian Fallon are my favorite musicians. I started writing in high school and still love it today. My favorite beer varies depending on when you ask me, but lately I’ve been loving Barley Brown’s.Thanks for reading. I hope you learn something and get a laugh.
Wyatt Lily
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Stylish, trendy yet easy to move in, this wonderful boutique is available to ship anywhere around the world! Read about our exclusive interview with Wyatt Lily’s owner, Rachel Uchitel on Thursday. The ever stylish Wyatt Lily Boutique is going to be making big waves in 2015!