4 Best Toddler Climbing Out of The Crib Solutions


The Best Toddler Climbing Out of The Crib Solutions- Do you have a toddler that has been climbing out of the crib or is about to climb out of the crib? Do you think you might have to transition your toddler to a bed because of it?  Safety is our number one priority, but you want to avoid moving your toddler to a bed before they are ready.  With a toddler bed comes much more freedom which comes with many more bedtime headaches.   Before you jump into transitioning your toddler from their crib to a bed, try these 4 effective tips to keep your toddler from climbing out of their crib.

Why Toddlers Climb out of Their Crib

Toddlers climb out of their crib for many reasons. Here are a few that you should consider to help your toddler stop climbing out of their crib.

They Are Having Sleep Challenges

Your toddler cannot get to sleep! They may have anxiety, worry, or fear when going to bed. Have their been any recent changes in their life like the loss of a grandparent, a move or a big change in family dynamic to cause any sort of worry?

A toddler may also have sleep challenges because the environment around them is not conducive to sleep. Is their room a safe and relatively quiet place? Do you have very loud neighbors that may be making loud noises or is your toddlers room near a busy street? Loud noises or sudden loud noises can be keeping your toddler up.

The Bedroom Is Not Conducive For Sleep

Sometimes, toddlers are not sleeping and try to get out of their crib because their room is not conducive for sleep. Do a check around the room for the following:

The Temperature of the room- Is it too cold or too hot? Make sure your child has a nice slightly warm temperature.

Are Their Too Many Distractions? – Are their toys that go off in the night? Is there a lot of stimulation in the room to keep your toddler awake and excited?

Is it stuffy in the room?- Make sure the room has ample circulation to make sure it is breathable and relaxing for your little one.

Is The Room Musty? – Try to get a dehumidifier in the room for your toddler to take some of the excess moisture out of the room. Cold or wet rooms do not make a good sleep for your toddler.

Do you have a sibling in the room also? Siblings sharing rooms are great but sometimes the older ones can distract the younger ones for just being there. It may be time to think of new sleeping arrangements.

They Need A New Bedtime Routine

Is your toddler seeing screens right before bed? Do you find your toddler playing loud games like tag or hide and seek? Make sure that the last thirty minutes or more before bedtime is quieter. A nice bath, reading books and putting on pajamas will cause rest and a great routine. Quiet time tells the toddler it is time to gear down for sleep. It may not work at first, but in a  few weeks they will realize that this is a routine.

How To Stop Your Toddler From Climbing Out of Bed

It is time to get creative and also to stay safe while stopping your toddler from climbing out of the bed.

1.       Rotate the crib

Some cribs have a side that is higher than the other sides.  Other cribs may have a side that is solid instead of with bars.  If your toddler is climbing out of the crib using the bars, rotate the crib so that the higher side or the solid side is facing out.  It will become much more difficult to climb.

2.       Use a sleep sack

If your toddler isn’t using a sleep sack, consider introducing one.  With both legs securely zipped into the sleep sack it is very difficult for children to lift one leg over the side of the crib.  If your toddler is able to take off the sleep sack, put it on backwards.  With the zipper at the back, it will be almost impossible for them to unzip! A sleep sack is perfect for toddlers trying to climb out of the crib.

3.       Catch them in the act

Try catching them in the act of climbing out of the crib by setting up a video monitor and watching just outside their door.  As soon as you see them lift a foot, promptly go into the room and say “NO!”  This will startle them, which will deter them from continuing to do it.  You may have to do this multiple times, but if you are consistent with your response they will soon stop trying.

4.       Remove any launch pads

If there are any toys or stuffed animals in the crib that your toddler can use as a launching pad, take them out.  If you are using bumper pads, remove those as well.  Your toddler can step on these things giving them that extra few inches to lift their leg over the rail and climb out of the crib.

When is a good time to transition your toddler from their crib to a bed?  I recommend parents wait as long as possible, but the closer the child is to their 3rd birthday, the better.  By age 3 your toddler will be able to follow directions and understand what the bedtime boundaries are.   They will be better able to follow their new toddler bed rules, which will help prevent many of the bedtime battles parents have to deal with.

Bonus Idea

A toddler who is trying to climb out of the crib may also have some sleep challenges. Check out our many sleep solutions to ensure your toddler is getting a good night sleep!

Special Thank To Jenn Kelner For Some of the Sleep Tips

Jenn Kelner is a mother of 3 children (including twins!) and a Certified Child Sleep Consultant at BabyZzz.  She helps tired families with infants, babies and toddlers become well rested families through customized sleep solutions and support.  She offers various services including home, phone/Skype and email consultations.  For more information visit www.babyzzz.ca