The Honest Life By Jessica Alba

As we began to read Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life, we realized that this would be a life change for many parents. Jessica Alba and the team at The Honest Company have produced a book that is not only easy to read, but provides an easy transition for you to think about the products you use, consume and live with.

No, this is not a book that yells at you. It will not tell you that you’re a bad parent or overall a bad person if you do not follow this book to the letter. Jessica’s message is simple: You should not have to be a chemist in order to find food and use products that are not harmful to your family. We really liked that The Honest Life took the time to explain GMO’s and “dishonest chemicals”.  Poor Jessica has so many allergies (which she states in her book) that she, among many other reasons, chose to seek out more “honest” products. So should we.

Recipes, make-up tips and so much more!

The Honest Life if filled with recipes, make-up tips and website recommendations to make finding good products and food for your family. On a budget? Don’t worry, Jessica gives tips for those who want to eat healthier. The book is no-nonsense, easy to follow and has lovely pictures of her and her family. Not to mention, Jessica loves to cook and shares some yummy recipes.

As parents, The Honest Life reaffirmed that we 1. Owe it to our children to live honestly and give them non harmful food and products 2. Stay on top of the laws passed about food and products and make sure it is safe for our children. 3. It’s okay to have a cheat day,  Its “about being honest, not perfect.”

If you’re looking for a company who sells products and strives to ensure its safety for yourself and your children, check out The Honest Company. If you are looking for a fresh start, literally, pick up Jessica’s book The Honest Life and enjoy a great read and begin The Honest Life for yourself and your family.

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