4 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Kid’s Health to Home Remedies

Image source: Pixabay.com

If you have a child and are worried about giving them prescribed antibiotics, you should acknowledge the benefits of trusting home remedies instead. Below, are the top four reasons why you should be using home remedies to treat your kid’s health, rather than using over-the-counter medication.

1.     The Ingredients Are Easy to Obtain

Most natural remedies for children’s cough and other common ailments are very easy to locate. These treatments are made of a combination of herbs, spices, essential oils, vegetables, and fruits. Over the counter medications and prescriptions are full of chemicals that you could not purchase if you wanted to. Unlike prescribed medications that you have to pick up in a pharmacy that has specific chemical compounds that are nearly impossible to obtain, home remedy ingredients are easier to get.

The truth is that you can even pick up all-natural home remedy ingredients in your backyard. That’s right, home remedy ingredients that that easy to get a hold of. Or, if you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you can pick up ingredients to all-natural home remedies to treat your kid’s ailments at your local grocery store. Plus, the costs to create a home remedy usually range from $10 to $20. Unlike medical prescriptions, which can cost a few hundred dollars without insurance.

2.     Home Remedies Are More Effective Than Prescribed Medications

According to researchers, home remedies have actually shown to be more effective than prescribed medications. This type of treatment can be used to cure all sorts of diseases, ailments, and chronic conditions. Some remedies can even be used to treat conditions that normal drugs cannot. Plus, the effect that home treatments have on your child’s body is all natural. This means that you do not need to worry about which chemicals will react with your kid’s body.

Home remedies are also milder on your child’s body than traditional medications. Chemical treatments can have a larger negative effect than a positive one, especially on children with a weakened immune system. Unlike over-the-counter medications that can cause more damage than do good, home remedies have little side effects that can pose a danger to your child’s health. Also, they work faster and less aggressively than prescribed medication, making them safer overall to take regularly. Every parent wants their children to be happy, healthy, and safe.

3.     Home Remedies Have Fewer Side Effects

Like we mentioned before, home remedies have fewer side effects than prescribed medications. We’re not saying you should never take medication directly, but home remedies should be used more often because they have very few side effects. Research a home treatment before your kid uses it to see what side effects there are, if any. Typically, if you follow the recommended dosage and do not continue the treatment for longer than recommended, there are not any negative effects.

Prescribed medications tend to come with a variety of side effects. These can range from headaches and nausea to things much worse. Sometimes the side effects of these over the counter drugs can be worse than the condition they are supposed to treat. However, home remedies have barely any negative side effects. If you’re worried about the number of negative side effects that may hurt your child’s health, we recommend using all-natural home remedies instead.

4.     Home Remedies are More Affordable and Faster

Unlike over-the-counter medications which may cost a few hundred dollars, all-natural home remedies only cost a few dollars to make. Regardless of whether or not your insurance covers the medication your kid needs, it will still be more expensive than a natural treatment. Plus, you can either grow your own ingredients or pick them up at your local grocery store, making it even cheaper and more affordable.

Not to mention, you never have to wait for a prescription to arrive at your pharmacy. Google Search for ingredients to an all-natural home remedy, you can make one in minutes to treat your child’s ailments. As they say, time is money; especially if you have a sick child at home who is waiting to get better. This is also why all-natural remedies are revered as more dependable than prescribed medications.


With the help of this guide, you can unlock all the potentials of home remedies and choose a safe alternative over in-store medication to soothe your child’s ailment.