We recently were delighted to review Rhymes For Remedies, a fun and interactive reference and remember book to help with basic homeopathic children’s remedies. Written by Jackie Griffin Synnott, this colourful book was written for parents who are looking for solutions to common ailments of children.

Rhymes For Remedies begins with a “How To Use This Book” section. if you’re just exploring homeopathy or you are a seasoned expert, its great to read up on how to use this book. We especially like the ‘Better For’ or Worse For’ sections, which explains where the remedy is needed and what should coincide with the child’s symptoms.

From colds and flus to colic, this book has an answer. Each page is accompanied by a little rhyme with vibrant illustrations. What is very special about this book, is that the author makes sure that the reader incorporates the mood and temperment of the child for each ailment, or the emotional and mental symptoms of the child. That way, the parent can assess the overall health of the child, rather then just the ailment itself.

This book is great for new or seasoned parents who are interested in homeopathy. We have learned so much and it is a must have on our shelves!

This is definitely a book you will come back to again and again for reference or refresher. Click here to buy Rhymes For Remedies!