6 Reasons Why The Baby Signing Book Is Great


The Baby Signing Book’s Second Edition is out and we love it! Sara Bingham, owner of Wee Hands has designed a program to teach your babies how to sign.  Increasing a baby and parents communication with each other not only makes a parent’s life a lot easier but it also allows your child to increase his or her ability to relay information. The Second Edition of The Baby’s Signing book has 100 new signs!

Reasons Why We LOVE The Baby Signing Book:


1. Babies and Parents are learning American Sign Language- Not only can you communicate with your baby, but also relay basic information to the deaf community. It increases awareness of a wonderful language used by so many people.


2.  The illustrations by Jamie Villanueva are detailed yet very easy to understand- The pictures let you know how to sign correctly to your child!


3. Signing is great for children in their later years as well- Why sign to children who are two and older? This program is great for children with special needs, children who have a deaf member in their family or families who want to teach their children a second language.


4. The Book includes songs- that your child can sign to. Or, if your child is older, take the songs to your child’s preschool or kindergarten and teach them to sign and sing!

5. It also allows you to track the signs- It has a section for you to write what date you introduced each sign and the date the child has learned each sign. Its not only a great way to track your child’s progress but a nice keepsake for your child in the future.

6. Weehands owner and author Sara Bingham is active on social media- She’s friendly, kind and socializes with her followers. She is a great resource to discuss ideas and learn from! At thebabyspot.ca, many people who read her book have said their child sometimes signs in their sleep!


Whether you want to sign with your baby and begin a deep communication or teach your older child a second language, the Baby Signing Book is a must have!