Tips to Take the Headache out of Maternity Shopping

By: Brooke Chaplan



When you first find out you are pregnant with your first baby, you might be overwhelmed with excitement. Unfortunately, as your belly grows, that initial thrill is slowly replaced with dread about your changing body. After all, how will you stay looking young and hip with your body transforming before you eyes? Here are four tips for taking the heartache out of shopping for maternity clothes, so you can feel and look great throughout your entire pregnancy.

Understand the Importance of Maternity Outfits

To save money, some first-time moms make the mistake of avoiding maternity outfits, opting for bigger pants or looser shirts instead. Unfortunately, traditionally cut clothing isn’t made for growing abdomens, throwing the fit way off. Maternity clothing is specifically designed for the way women’s bodies grow during pregnancy, so it will fit better and help you feel more comfortable. Maternity clothing might be more expensive, but some retailers offer coupons and specials that can save you money. You can also find online deals like Nordstrom promo codes from discountrue that can be used to save you money on all kinds of items.

Look For Flattering Design Details

After you find clothing that fits perfectly, look for flattering design details. Remember, things like interesting necklines and embellishments draw the eye up toward your face. Look for shirts with an empire waist, which will accentuate your bump, and give your silhouette a more interesting shape. Empire waists look flattering on almost everyone—since the area right under the rib cage is typically the smallest part on anyone’s waist, so you can use smaller items for years afterwards if they fit well.

Comfort Is King

When pregnant, any woman knows comfort is king when it comes to maternity clothes. Before you buy any, take the time to try it on. Move around to see how the fabric behaves. Watch out for shirts that ride up in the back, or pants without an adjustable waistband. Pay attention to whether or not shirts make you sweat—especially if you will be wearing it during the heat of the summer. Fabrics like cotton wick away sweat better than polyester blends, which might keep you cooler. When clothing is comfortable, you will be more likely to wear it for the duration of your pregnancy, which can save you money.

Shop for the Essentials

Last but not least, shop for the maternity essentials before you worry about things like shoes and accessories. Look for things like a great set of leggings, a stretchy black pencil skirt, and shirts that fit perfectly. After you have a basic wardrobe, you can mix and match new additions seamlessly.

Finding great maternity clothes might help you to look great, so you can feel even better. Use these tips to help ease your process and make the transition in your wardrobe better to bear.