Your preteens will love this novel by Beth Vrabel! What a unique book to bring a whole new perspective to your growing reader.


Alice is a young girl with albinism and she is moving to a small town. It does not help that she is also dealing with blindness. She also has to walk with a cane that keeps her from burising her hips on tables and other objects. She douses herself with sunscreen even on cloudy days and a hat is a necessary accessory. When Alice learns she is moving to small town Sinkville, she dreads it and fittingly names it Stinkville.

Not only is she getting used to a new town but Alice’s parents start looking for a school for the blind. Alice decides that she is going to prove that blindness is not a liability. She does this by entering Sinkville’s Success Stories essay contests. Alice challenges her blindness and finds a force, an inner strength, while the rest of the town starts to see for the first time.

This strong book is perfect for the exploring preteen reader who is looking for strong and complex characters who are searching to find their path. The characters Alice meets are three dimensional.

To read A Blind Guide To Stinkville, click here.