It is so difficult to find an after school snack for your children. With so many products that taste so yummy but are so bad for you, it is hard to steer children to the right type of treats. Chicago Mix has the answer with their delicious popcorn. We know first hand, because we have tried it and can’t get enough!

Chicago Mix Popcorn is non GMO project verified, completely free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It is also kosher! Do not worry gluten-free families, Chicago Mix also boasts that it is gluten free.


Back-to-School is a great time to start packing healthier lunchboxes. I thought you might be interested in trying G.H. Cretors‘  clean and healthy gourmet Chicago Mix –  Non-GMO Project Verified, completely free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, it is also kosher and naturally gluten-free.


This delicious combination of caramel corn and cheese corn is a perfect blend of flavors that kids and parents will both love!  Chicago mix makes it caramel corn by hand in copper kettles, the way it used to be! Included in the ingredients are cane sugar and brown rice syrup ( a great non GMO alternative to corn syrup. It has a lower glycemic impact). Real butter is heated over a flame and stirred slowlyby hand to make that delicious flavor pop in your mouth! Aged cheddar cheese is melted in special kettles for the locally grown cheese popcorn.

A special note to parents, why let this just be a kids snack? You will love it too! Serve it as a treat for yourself, at parties or when you are hosting a gathering.


Let your biggest after school snack battle be who gets the last bite of Chicago Mix popcorn, not worrying about harmful chemicals in your children’s snacks. To visit Chicago Mix, click here!