A Mischief of Monsters Book Review

A Mischief of Monsters is the perfect book for babies and toddlers to learn a book of noises and actions! ROAR! Your little baby will love this book for not only Halloween and all year round. Priddy Books presents a book that will be full of mischievous monsters. This funny and adorable board book will encourage your babies and young children to make different sounds and make different actions as they explore the raised shapes on every single page.

A Mischief of Monsters not only stimulates your child’s senses and also encourages imagination which is so important for children to develop as early as possible.

From leaping monsters to low monster growls you will be surprised how your child memorizes each and every page after only reading A Mischief of Monsters.

Parents Will Love

Parents will love watching their children learn new words, new sounds and explore the fascinating shapes. They will also enjoy their children learning to explore their imaginative side and come up with stories surrounding these mischievous characters.

A Mischief of Monsters will have your children laughing and playing around the book and speaking about it for days to come! Get this book in time for Halloween!

Extra Credit

-Ask your toddler to say the sounds of each monster and see if they can memorize the book! Watch their expressions as they read.

-Ask your toddler to name each color of the monster to build on color memorization

-Ask your children to create a play incorporating all of the noises the monsters made in the story. They can create the characters by drawing them and coloring them all by themselves!

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