Our new roller coaster has begun. Now that Matthew is home, we start a whole new journey. Since Matthew’s been home, he has been doing great. For the first few days it seemed as though all he needed to get better was to come home. He was a little overwhelmed the first night home. But other than waking up a few times a night, he is doing great. Getting used to being home.. Getting used to his sisters..

Matt and I have become pros at working the dialysis machine. And I’ve learned the ways of Matthew’s NICU nurses. Lol… Matthew is currently on many different medications. They are spread out throughout the day and night. And along with his scheduled feeds, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with an hour by hour daily schedule. ..lol. here’s a rundown and you’ll see what I mean…

830am-end night feed
9am-meds and finish dialysis
130pm-start feed
430pm-start feed
530pm-dialysis prep
6pm-med and start dialysis

…and in between those feeds we need to clean his g- tube. .his catheter site.. and whatever other messes baby boys make 😉

Plug-in five daughters…and voila. … Our Blessed Life! (I got tired just typing my schedule haha)

Thanksgiving was great! Matthew was only able to visit one side of the family because he has to be home in time for dialysis which starts at 6pm. But we visited my grandparents today (Saturday) and made up for missing Thanksgiving.

We ran into our first little bump in the road. Matthews blood pressure was reeeeally high Thursday and Friday. So high, he was throwing up every two hours…poor little bear. We had to call the on-call nephrologist from the NICU. She gave us instructions on what to do and what to give Matthew.  Unfortunately he started to get a low grade fever too. But, In Jesus Name, it’ll all be okay. His fever is gone and his blood pressure is (still high) but getting better each time we take it. Thank you Jesus.

I’ve learned many things from Matthew’s NICU nurses. They taught me and trained me how to take care of Matthew here at home. I tell them over and over again how grateful I am that they are in our lives. Tiffany Beames Kelley Wong Kristen Lee and Janice… Thank You! Thank You! Because of you, I know what look for with Matthew. I know what to look for when he’s sick. And best of all, I know what to do to take care of him… who needs a home nurse?!! Lol… (that’s a whole different story lol)

We were asked to speak at a luncheon next Friday benefiting Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. They want us to speak about Matthew’s story and about our experience while in the NICU. I’ve been praying and praying for a chance to tell Matthew’s story… to bring HOPE and FAITH… and now here’s our first chance. I’m praying God gives me the words and wisdom I need to speak.

We continue to ask for prayers for Matthew… we have a long road ahead of us. And continue to pray for our family. It is ONLY by faith and prayers that we are still surviving and striving.
Tomorrow, if Matthew is feeling better, we will be taking him to church. I can’t wait to introduce him to his church family. Hoping soon we will present him and his twin to the Lord… they, afterall, belong to Him.

Welp..crying baby..gotta go..lol..

I’ll update again soon. God Bless You ALL♡