Being a teenager is not what it used to be! The internet, cell phones and globalization have changed the pace of raising teens. Not only do we have to ensure that they are safe in the outside world, but also online and through text messages. Parenting teens can definitely freak any parent out, but you don’t have to feel that way, once you have read: A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO PARENTING TEENS.


Author Joani Geltman is an expert in child developments and parentin. She also presents her popular course, Adolescent Psychology, to schools and community groups.  She knows that parents are overwhelmed with this new person who is suddenly living under their roof. Joani divides her book into easy to break down sections. Whether it is Drinking and Drugs to motivating a “quitter” teen, this book has it all.


We love the Strategies for Time Management and making sure your teen does not get too distracted with social media. If those skills are developed early, the working world will not seem like such an impossible place for your future adult to fit into.


One of the most important chapters is making sure that your teen avoids Friendship Traps. Many teenagers feel “left out” and will strive at anything to fit in. Joani gives realistic tools for you to help your teen through these tough times of possible isolation, peer pressure and bullying.


It is rare to find a teen parenting book on the market that is up to date with today’s fast paced society. Pick up A Survival Guide To Parenting Teens today and stop worrying that there is a monster living inside of your house. It’s just your teen son or daughter, needing some reasonable and sound guidance!