Girls Workout Revolution With Twiga Clothing

Working out and staying fit is important for a long, healthy life. Parents today are concerned about children not getting enough exercise. With the recent style of young girls wearing those signature yoga pants and the plight of parents wanting more active children, Canadian designer Chuck Beatty has a very stylish answer, Twiga Clothing.


As a former designer for LuluLemon,Chuck has created a line of clothing for Women and girls that is customizable, personalized and fully functional!


The Twiga collection includes leggings, shorts, yoga pants, crops, and headbands for both Moms and Daughters. It is made from high quality materials in Canada.   Twiga products are made with care by hand, one at a time, by founder and Toronto-based apparel designer, Chuck Beatty and his team.  


How was this great brand born? Chuck Beatty surprised us with his answer!

“I started Twiga by accident really.  While I was designing for LuluLemon, we released a children’s capsule collection. I watched my niece wear those pieces almost daily until she grew out of them,” explains Beatty.  “Knowing I could make it happen, she begged me to make her more pants, so I did!  I decided to add a special touch to the gift so I screen-printed her name into the waistband.  She was so thrilled that soon her friends and their moms all wanted them and that’s how Twiga Clothing was born.”
These days, it’s about wearing the “it” items and for a while now, that’s been the black yoga style pant and leggings.  So while fitting in at school seems to be key to confidence, so is feeling special and unique.  Now she can do both.  


“Since articles of clothing go missing so often with younger kids, moms have really taken to the concept of putting their daughter’s names in the waistband.  That way it’s easy to identify in the school locker room or at a weekend sleepover party when everyone is wearing the same kind of gear,” says Beatty.  “The other option is to print words that inspires her in any colour of her choice.”

Moms can also get in on the customized and basic yoga gear too with leggings, three-quarter leggings and shorts. 


Twiga Clothing is available online for national and international orders.  You can also currently find Twiga at Tandem Dance and Fitness Studios Store at 3300 Yonge Street in Toronto. 


About Twiga Clothing

Twiga is the creation of Toronto-based apparel designer Chuck Beatty.  After spending four years surfing up and down the east Aussie coast and mining in Queensland, Chuck attended the Academy of Design in Australia.  He moved to Vancouver where he designed the menswear collections for LuluLemon.  His niece got a taste for the yoga gear trend and she begged her uncle to make her another pair of pants.  Needless to say he couldn’t say no.  To make her gift more special, he screen-printed her name into the waistband. She was thrilled, and soon her friends and their moms were all wanting to know where she got her personalized athletic wear from. The result? Twiga Clothing.



Now everyone can have the opportunity to treat themselves or the special girls in their lives with bespoke athletic gear to train, dance, and live in.

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